Offer A Dream Come True For Harrell

North Carolina native Mark Harrell enjoyed his Notre Dame Junior Day experience and received even better news on Tuesday night.

The past couple of months have been great for Mark Harrell of Charlotte (NC) Catholic High School. The 6-foot-5, 260-pound Harrell has seen steady offers coming to him from programs like Kentucky, Clemson, West Virginia, and Michigan to name a few. However, it took until Tuesday for Harrell to receive the offer he had set as a goal to achieve.

"The Notre Dame coaches told me during my Junior Day visit they were going to have a meeting and discuss giving me an offer. They told me I would receive an email on Tuesday to call them and so today, I got the email and called Coach (Mike) Elston. He went over how the staff did things and the fact they all agreed they wanted to offer me. He then said they ran it by Coach Kelly and it was agreed upon to offer me."

It was during his visit to South Bend; Mark knew there was serious interest. However, his conversation with Brian Kelly left him unsure an offer was headed his way.

"I spoke with Coach Kelly for a brief time on Junior Day. This was kind of a surprise as I only expected to be told they were interested in me, not that they were going to offer."

Listed as a tight end, Mark knows his future with many programs is as an offensive tackle.

"Notre Dame and most of the programs that have offered see me as an offensive tackle. Michigan is the only school that wants me as a blocking tight end."

As for his Junior Day visit, Mark learned why Notre Dame is so special to so many.

"The visit went very well. I really liked everything I saw from the academics to the facilities they have. The travel was long, but well worth the trip. One thing that really stands out is how much tradition they have at the school. I knew there would be school spirit; however, I really did not expect how much I saw. I was blown away by it."

From the start, Notre Dame was the school Mark Harrell had dreamed of earning an offer from.

"When you grow up watching this team on Saturdays, it is the kind of school you have as a goal or benchmark offer. Right now, I am not going to pick any favorites, but his is a big one and one that I am considering hard. I have always wanted this offer, and now I am going to sit down and really consider this one as I get closer to my senior season."

How soon could Mark be looking to make a decision?

"I hope I will know before my senior year starts. Maybe late summer. However, if it feels right, I could make a decision tomorrow. I hope to make my decision before my senior year starts so it is not a distraction."

Irish Eyes will continue to follow the recruitment of Mark Harrell in the coming months. Top Stories