Miles Considering Trip to ND

The 2012 recruiting class has a number of talented quarterbacks. Cyler Miles from J. K. Mullen High School High School (Denver, Colo.) is one of the best in the West and he's been drawing interest from around the country.

Notre Dame didn't land a commitment from a quarterback until late November. This year the coaching staff would like to have their quarterback wrapped up much sooner. Cyler Miles (6-foot-2, 205-pounds) is one of the prospects that has an offer from the Irish and he's talking about taking a visit to check out the campus.

"I've been in contact with coach Alford and I have been getting some letters at the house, but I don't think I've been in contact with the coaches lately," Miles said. "I'm thinking about going up to Notre Dame sometime during my spring break, which is at the end of the month.

"They're definitely still on my list and I'm going to try to get up there for a spring practice. I'd like to talk it over with my parents this week and see if we can make that happen."

As much as Notre Dame's offense puts the ball in the air, it's tough to find a quarterback that isn't interested in taking a look at the football program.

"When I watch Notre Dame I mostly see them in the shotgun and spread out four and five wide," Miles explained. "I do like that and I think I could succeed in that system. They have an explosive offense that can make something happen at any time. I like that about them."

Miles has 10 scholarship offers at this point, and in addition to getting out to see Notre Dame he'll be certain to check out other schools before he makes his commitment.

"I'd like to visit some other schools and be able see a practice and to meet the coaches," he said. "Besides Notre Dame, I would like to get out to. Arizona State, Cal, Arizona, Illinois, Washington and Florida.

"I'm definitely not going wait until signing day to commit, but I can't see myself committing anytime soon. I might do it sometime during the summer, or possibly before my senior season starts." Top Stories