Linebacker Impressive at NIKE Camp

After an impressive showing at the Southern California NIKE camp, Andrew Schantz has been hearing from a host of schools. Is Notre Dame one of them?

When you're a 6'0 220lb linebacker and run an electronically timed 4.52 40, colleges are going to take notice. This is the case with Schantz. "I actually shocked myself" said Schantz. "After the second time I ran it, I walked over to the time keeper, and asked if he knew what my time was. When he said 4.52 I was really excited. My fastest time before that was 4.6. I've worked really hard on my sprints, and I'm glad it paid off."

Not only did Schantz have an impressive 40 time, he also benched press 185lbs an impressive 21 times. "Nike Camp was really fun. I got to hang out with some of the best players in California, as well as get some great exposure for myself" added Schantz. "It was great to be competing with those guys. I think I measured up to them pretty well."

Schools have taken notice of the big speedy linebacker. "I'm hearing from all the Pac 10 schools" said Schantz. "Colorado, and Boise State are recruiting me too. I don't have any offers, but I'm confident they'll be coming."

What about the Fighting Irish? Has he heard from Notre Dame yet? "Actually I haven't but I'm looking forward to hearing from them. Notre Dame was the team I followed, and watched closely when I was a kid. I've always liked Notre Dame. I really hope they recruit me."

With a 3.0 core GPA, Schantz takes his schoolwork and education very seriously. He hasn't take the SAT yet but is scheduled to do so on May 3rd. When asked what will be his deciding factors in choosing a school, Schantz answered, "I want to go to a school that has top notch education. That is the most important thing to me. I also want to go to a school that has a prestigious football program. I'll go to the school that I feel has the best combination of both. Right now I'm really focused on preparing for my season so I haven't really been thinking about recruiting. I'll schedule my visits after my season is over and take things from there."

Will distance play a factor in Schantz decision? "Honestly, I would like to stay close to home. However, if a school like Notre Dame comes knocking, distance wouldn't be a factor at all."

Comments: Andrew was a very open, honest, and classy young man. He loved talking about football and has a great passion for the game. I have a feeling that schools are going to start knocking down his door for his services, especially if he has a strong senior season. Notre Dame will jump to the top of his list if he hears from them. He really wants to push recruiting to the back burner right now and focus on his season. But if he hears from Notre Dame, he'd be extremely happy. Top Stories