Irish in contact with Newton

Having watched his brother go through the recruiting process a couple years ago has allowed Langston Newton to have an understanding of what to expect. One team in contact has been Notre Dame. Newton spoke with Irish Eyes about his contact with the Irish.

Langston Newton of Carmel (IN) High School knows first-hand how crazy the recruiting process can be for any prospect. Just a couple of years ago, Langston's older brother Morgan Newton (Kentucky) was one of the most sought after quarterbacks in the Class of 2009.

Now, with scholarship offers of his own, Langston is hoping Notre Dame will join Indiana, Western Kentucky and Grambling State on his offer list.

"As of right now Coach (Mike) Elston is really interested in me after seeing my film. He said they are not going to recruit me as a defensive lineman or defensive end because of my body type fits more of an outside or mike linebacker in their scheme. He said he wants to see me back up in coverage."

The 6-foot-5, 245-pound defender hopes to make another good impression when the Irish coaches hit the recruiting trail next week. However, Langston also knows he could be looking to make a trip to South Bend this summer.

"I think Coach Elston is coming down here to see me throw (discus) next week in a meet. As for football, I think I will be going up there for camp in the near future."

Newton, who visited campus last Saturday came away impressed with much of what he saw.

"The thing that really impressed me with Notre Dame is their great tradition. The fact they have all those Heisman Trophy winners, the Four Horsemen, Touchdown Jesus and just a great winning football tradition."

While his recruitment may have started slow, Langston picked up his biggest offer this past week.

"Right now I have four offers. I just received an offer from Indiana the other day."

Did watching his brother go through the process help prepare him for the highs and lows of recruiting?

"Yes, of course it did. The good thing my dad did during Morgan's recruiting was he took me and my twin brother Jordan everywhere. So we saw almost every school that Morgan saw. We were there during his spring break when he traveled to six or so schools. So I already had a good understanding of what questions to ask and what I needed to see with my own recruiting. Morgan and I are always texting back and forth so he is really excited for me and really helping me. As for my dad, he is making sure I get recruited by the right people."

What would a Notre Dame offer mean to Langston?

"That would be a great experience and something most kids dream about. I have to think back to the movie Rudy as most people think an offer from a school like Notre Dame is out of reach. To get an offer from Notre Dame, I would not even know what to say to the coach on the phone if that happened."

Much like his brothers recruitment, the Newton family will have a hand in the final decision.

"Morgan's recruitment was something where the whole family sat down and talked about. That is something I really liked about it. I will look at the pros and cons of every school and get input from my family before making my decision."

Will Langston earn an offer from the Irish? That question will be answered in the next several weeks as both sides learn more about each other. Irish Eyes will continue to watch the developments Top Stories