Hardy takes Irish crash course

With an extended visit to Notre Dame this past week, Eilar Hardy received a crash course on what to expect when he reports in June. Irish Eyes caught up with Hardy and got the latest on his visit.

Several members of the Class of 2011 made a return visit to Notre Dame for the spring game. For Eilar Hardy, he looked to use his spring break to get a head start on what to expect once he reports to Notre Dame this summer.

"I just got home about five minutes ago," Hardy told Irish Eyes Sunday afternoon. "It was great and I had a good time with the guys while I was there."

While some of his future teammates looked to just take in the game on Saturday, Eilar headed off to class.

"I was there since Wednesday so it felt like I was already a student there. In fact, I went to class with Aaron Lynch the first day I got there and then we met up with the guys at The Gug. For me it was a chance to see how the schedule went every day."

While Irish fans enjoyed watching Lynch on Saturday, Eilar was able to see during his stay what showed up on the field.

"Aaron is a great dude. He was the guy I was with most of the time I was there and he was telling me about what he liked when he got to Notre Dame. Watching him during practice and then during the spring game, man, you can see he is going to be a great player."

Not only was visiting with his future teammates enjoyable, getting a chance to learn more about the Irish defense could pay big dividends in a few months.

"Coach (Chuck) Martin and I went over the defense and got a chance to sit down and talk about it a lot. So I learned some of the defense. I also got up every morning and went to the meetings. So I learned a lot by going up there and getting a couple of extra days in with the guys."

Another aspect Eilar learned some things to take home with him came from head strength coach Paul Longo.

"Coach Longo showed us some things we could take back with us and be doing. So I cannot wait to get ready to get started and get up there."

How different was his stay from his day-to-day life now?

"It is different and something I am not use to right now since I am at home and still in high school. It is a different environment from where I am from and South Bend. However, I can see myself getting use to it as soon as I get up there and get a few classes under my belt."

While there has been talk of where Eilar will play once he arrives on campus, he did come away with more of an understanding.

"Right now they are looking at me as both a safety and corner. I think I am going to start off at safety and whatever happens after that will be good. I feel I can now come in and help the team next year. They are short on depth back there and I feel the four of us will come in and at least two of us will be able to help this season."

With his crash course behind him, Eilar is excited to finish out his senior year and head to Notre Dame in mid June to start his Irish career.

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