Ferguson could be next

One player who walked away impressed by his weekend visit to Notre Dame was Justin Ferguson. How excited was the Florida wide receiver? Check out his response from our conversation on Sunday afternoon.

Saturday proved to be a banner day for Brian Kelly and his staff as they welcomed three new members of the Class of 2012. However, Kelly and his staff also came real close to earning a fourth pledge from Pembroke Pines (FL) wide receiver Justin Ferguson.

"I just got home from Notre Dame," Ferguson said by phone on Sunday afternoon. "The trip was fun and it really opened my eyes about Notre Dame a lot."

How impressed was Ferguson?

"Prior to my visit my deadline to make my commitment was going to be from November to January. Now, because of my visit I am thinking about committing early, like really soon. However, I want to make sure about the feelings I am having and know my decision is not being based on just the hype from just being there. So I want to see how I feel next week and if I still have the same feelings. If I do, I will think about committing."

Looking back Justin found several things that impressed him about the Irish.

"I could not get over how friendly the coaches and players were to me and how much interest they showed in me. I got there on Friday about 1:00 and they showed me all the facilities and I had a chance to sit down and meet all the coaches and see the dorms.

"I was impressed with pretty much everything. The indoor facilities and the weight room, it was crazy. Notre Dame has everything you need to succeed."

Not only was this visit to Notre Dame his first, it was also the first time Justin had visited the state of Indiana. During our conversation Justin shared how excited his family was about his visit.

"It is funny because my dad is now watching the movie Rudy on television right now and saying, wow, Notre Dame."

Saturday's annual Blue Gold game also gave Justin a chance to see the Irish offense in action.

"It was a good game despite the rain. I had a chance to see what they were going to do before the game as Coach (Tony) Alford told me some things to watch and the game plan. He showed me a couple of the routes to watch for and I like the fact they run a hurry up offense since my school also runs a no-huddle offense. Coach Alford told me if I came to Notre Dame, I could play early. I can see myself in that offense."

With five offers in hand, Justin now has a clear favorite among them.

"To be honest, Notre Dame is my number one right now."

Also during his visit, Justin spent some time with Irish head Coach Brian Kelly. How did his visit go with the head coach?

"I like Coach Kelly and his swag. He is real funny and cool and he showed a lot of interest in me."

Justin also got a chance to start some bonding with some current players on the Irish roster.

"A couple of players and I built a little bond while I was there. I had a chance to hang out with some of them and they were great."

Will Justin Ferguson become the next member of the Class of 2012 for Notre Dame? Based on what he said following his visit, there seems to be a great chance.

Irish Eyes will stay in contact with Justin to see how he feels about the Irish in the next week.

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