Bisnowaty looking to visit Irish

With his summer plans still in flux, Adam Bisnowaty knows one stop he wants to make is in South Bend. We spoke with the offensive tackle prospect about his interest in the Irish.

With several offers already in hand, Pittsburgh (PA) Fox Chapel offensive tackle Adam Bisnowaty has found Notre Dame as a school showing interest in joining his growing list.

"I have spoken with Coach Molnar and I guess one of their coaches came by my school and left a sticky note with some information on it. Notre Dame said they wanted to offer me; however, they wanted to see me on campus first to make sure I like the school before they offer. So I'm basically taking it from there and plan on visiting there this summer along with a few other schools in the surrounding area."

While Adam has grown up in the heart of Pitt Panther territory, he is well versed in all things Notre Dame.

"I have seen Notre Dame play so many times as I have gone to the Pitt vs. Notre dame games the last three times they were here. Notre Dame is just a powerhouse team every year even though Pitt beat them one year. They are still a powerhouse team and they produce players and always find a way to win. I have also watched several basketball games this year as they had a real good team. I look forward to making a campus visit."

While the Irish have yet to offer, Duke, Michigan State, Penn State, West Virginia, Purdue, Florida, Vanderbilt, Connecticut, Virginia and hometown Pittsburgh have offered the 6-foot-6, 275-pound tackle prospect.

This past weekend Adam took part in a combine and has no plans to camp anywhere this summer.

"I went to Cleveland and attended the Under Armour combine this past weekend. Right now that is all I have planned for this year and anything else would be a last minute thing. I'm just going to be in the weight room a lot and take a few visits to a few schools."

Adam has seen the love Notre Dame Alumni share for their school and holds the Irish program in high regards.

"I watch a lot of football and when I think of legendary schools programs like Penn State and Notre Dame always comes to my mind because they have great tradition and everyone who has ever been to Notre Dame just loves it. The alumni there are just unbelievable. I know my friend's mom went there and she still to this day drives around with a Notre Dame flag on her car and she lives in Pittsburgh."

As for what he is looking for when picking a college, Adam has a few things in mind that are important.

"Right now my number one thing is how I feel on campus and the relationship I feel with the current players and coaches. Especially with the guys who are freshmen and sophomores because when I get up there I will be there with those guys the most. I also want to get to know the strength staff and learn what they are all about. Being able to connect with all three groups and feel like I'm at home is what I'm looking at the most."

Growing up Adam does not hide how big of a Pitt fan he was, however, it was not the football Panthers that caught his attention.

"I grew up a huge Pitt fan. In fourth grade I didn't miss a day without wearing a Pitt shirt. I think I went to three Pitt basketball camps. Back then I was not much of a football fan."

As for going away from home, Adam knows sometimes having a little distance between home and college can be a good thing. However, some of the programs that have offered may be just a little too far away from home.

"Home will always be there, as much as I would like to stay close and have my family watch that would be great. However, sometimes you need to experience college life and get away and only come back every once in awhile.

"The hardest part about leaving is being able to come back easy. If you go to say Penn State you are only looking at a two hour drive, or say Michigan State is a five hour drive. Florida you would have to take a flight back or drive for a couple of days.

"Leaving home would not be the hard part it is the coming back part that worries me the most. You want to be able to come back whenever you can as it is not easy to leave your mom and family for four years. It would be nice to stay close to home but if something is great and I just feel amazed when I'm on campus I would have to choose that school instead of being close to home."

We will continue to check back with Adam in the coming weeks to see how things are with his Notre Dame recruiting. Top Stories