Colorado lineman reflects on Irish visit

For Paul Thurston, the trip to the Midwest allowed him to visit a couple of college programs who have offered him a scholarship. One of those programs was Notre Dame. How was the trip to South Bend?

As the Notre Dame coaching staff continues to make their rounds across the country looking for the next members of the Class of 2012. Paul Thurston of Arvada (CO) West High School turned the tables and made an on campus visit. How was his time on campus?

"It was good, I had a great trip to Notre Dame and enjoyed talking with all of the coaches. Overall, I feel it was a really good trip."

As one of the top ranked players in the country ( 4-Star 19-th OT in the country), the 6-foot-5, 270-pound Thurston is trying to enjoy all the attention.

"I'm doing pretty well right now. I've had a few calls, but I'm having fun with all of it right now."

After having a few days to digest all he took in on his visit, what does he remember the most about being on campus?

"I think the biggest thing looking back is just all the tradition going on there. The Notre Dame coaches I believe are firm believers of that and are going to continue that tradition on. Just going through there and seeing the stadium and looking at all the former great players who had walked down the same exact tunnel was pretty cool."

How surprised was he by the Irish tradition?

"I was definitely surprised, seeing them on TV you hear people talking about it. But then you go there and it is just definitely a lot more history than you would expect."

One of the things his trip allowed him to take in was the distance from home. Having made the trip what factor does distance become when looking at the Irish?

"I do not feel it would be a problem for me. It was a short plane flight and having my parents come out would not be that bad. But it definitely would not be a factor."

Paul did not visit campus alone as he brought along his father.

"I went with my dad and he is supporting me through all of it and letting me go through all this and make my decision. He gives me a lot of insight and what he things about programs, but overall he has been real supportive."

How much of campus did Paul see?

"I saw a little bit, not too much. I did have a chance to visit with one of their academic advisors and we talked about what I'm looking at studying in school. He kind of told me they don't have exactly what I'm looking for (Journalism / Film Editing), but talking with Coach Alford, he said they have a lot of people go and do internships with ESPN and those kind of places. So they have what I'm looking for so that is not a problem."

As for what the Irish are looking from him on the field, Paul came away satisfied knowing what would be expected of him.

"I had a chance to talk with Coach Warinner and he said they see me playing tackle at Notre Dame as they like my agility and overall movement and all the stuff I do out in the open field. He said they feel this is where I would really help them out."

One thing that his road trip may have changed is Paul's plan to make his college decision known. Has he now moved up his thinking of when he will make an announcement?

"Definitely, you see all these big schools like Notre Dame and Michigan and I definitely know these kinds of scholarships are not going to be around all the way until signing day. That is why I'm heading out there and seeing all of these places now so I can make my decision before my season or during it at the latest."

Are there plans to make a return visit to South Bend?

"If Notre Dame is in my Top 3, I will look at taking another trip out there. But we'll have to wait and see how things work out." Top Stories