Black's door still open – slightly

While Chris Black has talked about a few favorite programs in the past week, he also knows not to close any doors just yet, as programs from across the country continue to offer scholarships. One program who has offered is Notre Dame. Despite the talk of some favorites, is the door still open for the Irish to make a push?

Chris Black, the 6-foot, 175-pound wide receiver from First Coast High School in Jacksonville (Fla.) has his picks of schools when it comes time for him to make his college decision. While Black has named a few favorites, Notre Dame is a school he is learning about.

"Notre Dame came down to my school I think it was on Wednesday. I do not remember the name of the coach as I'm still kind of new to Notre Dame."

Depending upon who the four-star wide receiver talks with, his schools of interest could be looked at differently. Is there a favorite at this time?

"Right now I could name three schools, but I'm still open to all schools. I'm looking at many things right now like my family and how they can get to games and things like that."

While that may sound like Chris is looking to stay close to home, he stresses distance will not play a factor.

"Distance is not going to play a major factor on where I decide to go. Like right now, I'm looking at Alabama, they are like eight hours away from my home, so that is not too bad. But it is SEC football so it will not play that much of a role, but at the same time I guess it will."

While Chris doesn't know much about Notre Dame, he does know a couple of key points he likes about them.

"Right now I know that at Notre Dame there would be a great opportunity for me to come in and play wide receiver right away. Notre Dame is also one of the most meaningful college degrees you can earn. So I have heard a lot about the academic aspect of Notre Dame."

When it comes to scholarship offers, Chris does not pretend to know them all.

"I really can't say exactly how many I have, but it is over high double digits."

On the field, Black feels he's got several strengths and a few areas that need some work.

"My strengths as a player are just knowing the game of football. I think to be a great receiver, you need to be like a quarterback. Not physically like a quarterback, but mentally you must be able to read certain plays and be smart. I also feel my quickness and ability to run creative routes is one of my strengths."

"I do feel I need to work on getting faster and continue to get stronger."

As for what chances Notre Dame may have with the Florida wide receiver, all Black can say is the door is still open.

"It's not too early for any school. Like I said, there are some schools I have been talking to more than others like Florida State, Florida and Alabama. But I'm still open to looking at many others as well."

At this time it sounds like the Irish and others could still have a chance. However, Chris Black looks to be a player that will hard to pull out of the South. Top Stories