Harlow looking for Irish offer

With their history of producing top level tight ends, Laith Harlow knows Notre Dame is a program he's willing to wait for. Irish Eyes spoke with Harlow about his interest in the Irish.

With scholarship offers already out to a few tight ends, Notre Dame is holding Tallahassee (FL) Godby High School tight end Laith Harlow within close reach. While the Irish have not offered the 6-foot-5, 240-pound Harlow, he has high interest and feels an offer could be right around the corner.

"I'm highly interested in Notre Dame as they produce tight ends. Notre Dame just had one of the best tight ends go and they have a history at the tight end position. Plus, Notre Dame is all about football and I want to go to a school that is all about football."

Working with Harlow is Irish running back coach Tim Hinton. What type of relationship have the two formed?

"Coach Tim Hinton and I have a real good relationship and he wants to offer me. But the coach has a few other tight ends ahead of me right now at the top of his list. So he is not exactly sure when he will be able to offer."

While the Irish have yet to offer, many other programs from across the country have already jumped on board.

"It would mean a lot for Notre Dame to offer me. I already have 35 offers, but Notre Dame is a major college for tight ends especially."

One thing Harlow is quick to get out of the way is his willingness to leave his home state for the right program.

"There is no need to be tied down to somewhere close to home. You need to go where your best fit is and not where you are going to."

As for making an on campus visit, Harlow feels there is only one way for that to happen.

"I've not been up there yet. I'm pretty sure I'm going to get an offer and would take an official visit to Notre Dame. However, taking an unofficial visit is a long way."

As for any favorites Harlow is not close to closing his doors.

"There is no such thing as a Top 5 or a top anything for me. I'm picking everybody right now as it is too early to be picking a top list."

As to his strengths and weakness on the field, Harlow feels there is always work needed to be done.

"My strengths are everything and my weakness is also everything. I feel that way because you can be the best player and do everything like block and catch like I feel like I can, but you never stop working so everything is a weakness. If you try to work too hard in one thing you're going to lack in something different. So as many strengths that I have, I say that all of them are a weaknesses and I try to get better in each and every thing."

As to a timeline on making his decision Harlow feels he'll know when it is time.

"It does not matter when I make my decision. When I feel like I'm at home, I will know it's time."

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