Kiel: one year later

A year ago Gunner Kiel was a name to watch at the 2010 Elite Quarterback event in Columbus, Ohio. A year later, Kiel is a wanted man with too many offers to name. What differences did we see from a year ago? We break it down.

Having seen all three Kiel brothers over the past few years has allowed me to witness the progression of each as compared to the other. While each showed great skill level, Gunner Kiel has developed into one of the best signal callers in the country.

This breakdown is based on how Kiel fits under Brian Kelly and his spread attack at Notre Dame.

The first knock people have on Gunner is lack of mobility. Is Gunner a speedster looking to run the football? No! But in Brian Kelly's offensive attack he has the ability to escape, move the pocket and keep plays alive while keeping his eyes up the field looking to make a play instead of looking at oncoming rushers. This is where most people who give evaluations only look at foot speed and not the overall athletic ability of a player.

Gunner Kiel
Allen Trieu,
Brian Kelly is not recruiting Gunner Kiel to be Michael Vick. He is looking for a quarterback who can pick up his system and make more positive plays then negative ones. Kiel can do this without any problem.

A year ago Kiel showed the signs of being a top prospect but look a little soft physically. Now the 6-foot-4, 220-pounder looks in better physical shape and has worked on developing his arm strength. This is easy to see when you look at the back of his upper arm (Triceps) and also the front of his upper arm (Biceps) as compared to a year ago. It is also easy to see when he throws the ball as he now uses less arm strain on all routes.

Kiel has all the intangibles you want in a top level quarterback. Poise, leadership, quick release and the ability to apply the right touch and zip on each of the throws required.

Already a veteran of a spread attack, Kiel sets up quick putting himself into position to make the throw. He shows above average field vision and high accuracy while delivering the ball quickly and with the proper follow through. Top Stories