Irish Offer Tennessee Cornerback

Notre Dame's staff was at Memphis (Tenn.) East High today, and by the end of the day defensive back Will Redmond had an offer from the Irish. In addition to saying he will camp at Notre Dame, Redmond talked about naming a top five, and whether the Irish will be in it.

Notre Dame already offered one player from East High (Memphis, Tenn.) and Tuesday a second one grabbed an offer as the Irish extended one to cornerback Will Redmond.

The offer comes as Redmond is preparing to trim his list to a top five by the end of the weekend, and he said Notre Dame will make the cut, and he will visit campus.

"They came in today and let me know," Redmond said. "I watch games, but I don't know what goes on inside (the program). I watch games and I know what they do offensive- and defensive-wise. They spread the ball around on offense and they play cover-2. I know their schemes."

The 6-foot, 175-pound Redmond got message of the offer after assistant coach Tony Alford visited the school. Previously, assistant coach Tim Hinton stopped by East High, and Redmond talks to both of the coaches.

"When I talked to Notre Dame, I like both coaches," Redmond said. "Coach Alford is real cool." Redmond said he will visit the Notre Dame campus in June, but is in the process of cutting his list.

"I started thinking about it today, and by the end of the weekend I'll have a top five," Redmond said. "When I talked to coach (Alford), he pretty gave me a good talk, and I liked it, and it pretty much put them in my top five.

"I know for sure they're going to be one of my top schools."

Redmond's teammate, running back Brian Kimbrow, already holds and offer from the Irish, and the two have talked about going to college together.

"It's serious. We want to play together," Redmond said. "Our goal is to play together, but we were talking to our coach and he said you never know what happens. It could be where I fit somewhere and Brian doesn't fit somewhere, so we don't want to say it's 100 percent we're going to play together.

"If it works out, then great. If not, we'll play different places." Top Stories