Rabasa: working & nervous

Like most high school graduates, Anthony Rabasa is enjoying his newfound freedom from the everyday grind. Unlike many of those around the country earning their tassels, Rabasa knows the work he's doing today will make his next stop a little easier. Irish Eyes checked in with Anthony before he heads off to Notre Dame.

The days on Anthony Rabasa's calendar continue to be marked off as he counts down towards his reporting day at Notre Dame. For Anthony, the day is fast approaching and it seems like life has gone into turbo mode.

"I report on June 19th. I've been working out running and conditioning.

"I've been out of school for a little over two weeks now. High School flew by and before I knew it I was a senior and getting ready to sign with Notre Dame. But I can still remember like it was yesterday coming in as a freshman and wondering the halls of Columbus High not knowing anything."

As for his workout routine, Anthony knows the more work done now will help him for the early rigors of life as a college student-athlete.

"It's going awesome. I'm working out five to six days a week with workouts on Monday, Wednesday and Friday and do conditioning on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. The workouts they sent us are pretty tough and real demanding. But it is something I need to get use to as I guess that is what we'll be doing once we get up there. So it has got me ready for what is coming up."

Looking back upon the recruiting process, Anthony remembers the excitement and stress involved in making a life changing decision.

"The coaches coming down to visit me and calling me individually is something I'll remember forever and played a big impact in my life. I spent so much time with all these coaches talking with them and having them look at me like they were buying a new horse.

"It's one of the hardest decisions an 18 year old kid can ever have to make. You have all these professionals come at you offering you a once in a lifetime opportunity to go to their school and they are telling you why their school is better than other schools and it is tough on us.

We are 18 year old kids and do not know much. Whatever we see we believe because we do not know any better. So you have to cut through the "BS" and see what is best for you. So it is a tough process but nothing comes easy. So you spend a lot of time talking with your high school coach, family and others who have gone through it."


Like many high school early commitments Anthony had to fight through having second thoughts about his college choice. How important was it for Notre Dame to end the 2011 season so strong?

"It was huge; there was a point midway through the season where Notre Dame had a bad streak and I was second guessing my commitment and I was strongly looking around at other schools. But finishing up like that got me back on board and got my mind set on why I first committed to Notre Dame. Finishing up like that made a huge statement to the college world that Notre Dame was coming back and not the school it use to be and definitely reassured myself in my decision."

When was Anthony total sold on the decision he'd made?

"The day Notre Dame beat Miami in the Sun Bowl."

Moving from Miami to South Bend may be a culture shock to some, but Anthony fought through the barriers of distance and climate.

"It was very tough. The changing of the atmosphere and being a ways away was very tough. But in the end I wanted to change things up because I felt change would be good. Down here we have the hurricanes so I knew I wanted to get out of here and experience something totally different and that is why I picked Notre Dame."

Fans are already talking about Anthony's future and he shed some light on what he is expecting when camp opens.

"More than likely I'll be playing the outside linebacker (Cat) and I think I make a great fit there as I can come off the edge pretty well but still be able to drop back into coverage when needed. I'm pretty excited to be playing that and that is what they are telling me I'll be doing."

As for any how he's feeling as his reporting day nears, Anthony sounds like most college students as they prepare for the changes in their life.

"I'm a little shaky and getting nervous as I'm leaving my hometown for the first time, but I'm definitely excited about to start a whole new journey and a great part of my life is about to open up so I'm very excited about that."

As for the academic side of things, Anthony has those plans in the works.

"I'm already heading to the business school so I've got to take some courses to get in there so that is the course I'm taking right now."

While Anthony did not make the trip up for the spring game he did watch on television. Was he surprised by the play of those in his class that reported early?

"Not at all, I knew those guys were going to go in there and do the things they did. I'm sure not many expected Aaron (Lynch) to go in and do what he did. However, I expected it because I know the type of talent he has. He's just an animal who plays with a great motor and I'm not shocked at all."

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