Martin ready to get started

High school is becoming a distant memory as Nick Martin gets ready to join his brother at Notre Dame. Irish Eyes spoke with the offensive lineman about his upcoming change of address.

It's June and for Nick Martin and other members of the Notre Dame recruiting class of 2011 their college careers are only a couple more weeks away. What has Martin been doing since signing his letter of intent in February?

"I've been doing the workout and conditioning Notre Dame has given me and I just finished up school two weeks ago. So right now I'm just hanging out until it is time to report."

One advantage Nick has is older brother and current Irish offensive lineman Zack. What had big brother been doing to help him prepare for the next step of his career?

"Zack just had to leave on Memorial Day and we were working out together when he was home. He was helping me out with some stuff like my technique and to better my form. He said come in good condition because that is the most important thing, because once you get up there you're the low guy on the totem pole."

While some players might be feeling a little nervous twitch, Nick said he's ready to get going.

"No, I'm really excited. High school was a great experience and I really enjoyed it and high school football was really fun. But I think it is time to move on. I've talked with some of my classmates and we're really, really excited."

Much like his older brother, Nick enters Notre Dame as an unheralded 3-star recruit. Like his brother, Nick knows stars are something not to worry about. Does he feel people put too much stock in the ranking process?

"I do, some people seem to get caught up in all of that. The stars by your name get wiped off because once you are there because there are really no bad players. So you start from scratch and it comes down to work ethic.

"I cannot wait to get there and get started and be around all those people. Being taught by Coach Warinner and my brother and guys like Chris Watt who is on the o-line. People in my class will have a chance to go against that type of competition and you're going to get better every day."

At one time Nick had given his verbal pledge to Kentucky. How hard was it to make a change to the Irish?

"That was the hardest decision I've ever had to make. Still, the University of Kentucky is a great program, great school, and has a great coaching staff. But when it came down to it, the tradition of Notre Dame and family ties as me and my brother are very close won out. To be able to play with my brother in high school and now also in college means a lot to me.

"The education at Notre Dame and also being Catholic also played a role. Having gone to Catholic schools since I was little and to be able to continue that in college was one of the important things to me. "

Having already seen the work of Irish strength coach Paul Longo with his brother, Nick is also seeing a change to his body.

"I've already gotten stronger being on this program and I really like having a set workout. I really like it and it has really shown it has helped.

"Honestly, I'm just going to try and do what Coach Longo says. When he got there he gave Zack a diet and Zack followed it really strictly. Coach Longo formed Zack into being really lean and strong and Zack followed it very strictly. So I'm going to go up there and do whatever he tells me to do and follow it as strictly as possible."

Another advantage Nick had over the other members of the Class of 2011 was a chance to know more about the staff from his brother. What were Zack's impressions of the coaching staff?

"You know Zack; he loves Coach Kelly and Coach Warinner and all the staff there now. He said he enjoys the fact it is really energetic, keeps him going and is fast paced. He liked the old staff too, but he said with Coach Kelly he's business on the field but also personable off it. So he really enjoys the coaching staff."

Questions ask by several members of Irish Eyes have been the effect of recruiting offensive linemen in a spread attack and if they suffer when it comes to a possible pro career. Does Nick feel he'll be at a disadvantage when his brother and he get ready to take their game to the next level?

"No I really don't. As I said with Coach Longo he's building physical specimens and its football and just because of it being a different offense doesn't change things. If you can play the NFL is going to find you if you're a good enough player and have the work ethic. Just a few years ago Coach Kelly had an offensive lineman play for him at Central Michigan who was a first round draft pick." Top Stories