IE Breakdown: Nick Baratti

Nick Baratti fits the mold the Irish have been recruiting for defensive backfield players. Built with a long frame, the high school quarterback should find his role as a safety in an Irish uniform and excel.

HT – WT – SPEED: Listed at 6-foot-2, 190-pounds, Nick Baratti has the long frame Notre Dame strength coach Paul Longo loves to work with. Future projections will have Baratti adding lean muscle mass and fill out his body to compete at the college level. Baratti looks to have plenty of speed and continues the Irish recruiting to add the one area many feel they have lacked the past few years.

QUICKNESS – AGILITY – BALANCE: This is the area that makes Baratti a high level prospect. A high school quarterback who runs the ball a lot, Baratti shows great body control and movement skills.

STRENGTH: As with any skill player coming out of high school brute strength is an area where work is needed at the college level. However, we not only look at brute strength, but also the explosion and body recoil in the upper and lower body. The combination of the two equal's real strength and Baratti has a lot of it.

BODY FLEXIBILITY: Nick has great hip flexibility and overall body flexibility. In watching film you see this in almost every highlight as he darts in and out in making big plays on the field.

PRODUCTION: On film we see Nick making plays all over the field. When we look at production we do not only look at statistics, but the overall skill level and ability that create production. Nick's athletic ability allows for him to be highly productive more from his own ability and efforts.


Projected as a safety, Nick Baratti has more quarterback film available to view than defensive film. The film we viewed has several defensive clips and gave us a chance to do a solid evaluation. Some of the areas Nick will need to work on in college will be his pre snap reads and adjustments and his instincts in covering pass routes.

Nevertheless, Nick shows solid foot quickness and the ability to flip his hips, turn and run with receivers out of a back pedal. Nick's ability to plant and release forward is above average and his ability to cover a lot of ground is excellent.

I really liked Nick's willingness and desire to come up in run support and be physical. He does a great job of warding off blockers to make plays but needs to be a better overall tackler.

With his overall speed, Nick will be able to be a factor if asked to blitz and make plays from the outside and inside.


At the high school level most schools will play their best athlete at the quarterback position. It is easy to see Nick's overall athletic ability shine when he's on the offensive side of the ball. However, while only an average overall quarterback, Nick has the skill set to be a top level safety.

This is a great addition for Notre Dame on the defensive side of the ball as they continue to build depth in the defensive backfield for the coming years. Top Stories