RB Mangus Returns from Notre Dame Visit

Needham Broughton High (Raleigh, N.C.)running back Chris Mangus made his first visit to Notre Dame on Thursday, and afterward he spoke to IrishEyes.com about it. Mangus discussed how he would fit into the offense, what he did on campus and whether the Irish will be seeing him again.

Of all the things Needham Broughton High (Raliegh, N.C.) running back Chris Mangus learned during his unofficial visit Thursday to Notre Dame, the diversity in which the Irish would use him in the offense stood out.

The 5-11, 180-pound Mangus made the journey with his grandfather and coach, and also met with Irish coach Brian Kelly.

"They use the running back in a bunch of different ways, multiple ways," Mangus said. "They get the running back in open space so they can make plays, and create scenarios for the running back to have open space and make plays. We both thought that would be a good fit for me to play in that offense."

Mangus rushed for 1,173 yards and 13 touchdowns as a junior, and also was used in the passing game, which is important in Notre Dame's offense.

"I'm pretty good at catching the ball out of the backfield," he said. "My team had a play where they motioned me out (of the backfield) and I caught a few touchdowns."

Since it was Mangus' first visit to campus, there was plenty that jumped out.

"I learned a lot about their tradition," he said. "I toured the whole campus and I saw a lot of the campus, and met the coaches. I spoke to coach Kelly. He said they want to win a championship, and they want me to be part of it, and I'd have the opportunity to come and play early.

"The whole trip was great. I enjoyed all of it. They were so nice to me."

It also may not be the only visit Mangus makes to South Bend, Ind.

"They want me to come up again," he said. "They talked about coming up for an official visit next time. I put some thought into it, but I haven't made a decision on it."

While Mangus is uncertain about an official visit or a time frame for a decision – "Whenever I'm comfortable and I feel like I'm ready," he said – he will continue visiting schools.

He is scheduled to visit Virginia on Sunday, and will be at Virginia Tech in July.

"I'll probably go to a few other places yet," he said, "but I haven't decided where yet."

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