Time Flew for Hegarty

For some, the time between signing day and reporting day can seem like it takes forever. For Matt Hegarty, the whole recruiting process has flown by. We checked in with Hegarty for the final time prior to the incoming offensive lineman reporting to campus.

National Signing Day may have been in February, but for Matt Hegarty, it seems like it was only a few weeks ago. Irish Eyes spoke with Hegarty about how things have been going since becoming Irish and also about the recruiting process.

So how have things been since signing with Notre Dame?

"It's been great; I ended up taking the spring off as I use to focus on the shot and disc. But I took the spring off to concentrate on getting myself in the best shape possible before reporting day."

As with other incoming recruits, Hegarty has found the workout program handed out by Paul Longo to be to his liking.

"It's been really good. I think we finished basketball workouts in early March and I started Coach Longo's stuff since then and I just love it completely. I've seen great results as I'm about 290-pounds right now and have seen great muscle gains. I also feel a lot better and it also looks good when you get up in the morning and look in the mirror. I feel I look more solid and a little bit bigger especially in the upper body."

While the distance from Indiana and New Mexico is long, Matt has found a large amount of support about his decision to sign with Notre Dame.

"The reception has been really great. With a place like Notre Dame, everyone has respect for it and especially where I work out, everyone knows you and wishes you well and good luck. So it's been really great as there is such a positive outlook for Notre Dame in the community."

Q&A with Hegarty

Having given his pledge to Brian Kelly early, did there ever come a time when he had second thoughts about his college decision?

"I think regardless of how your team is doing this is such a big decision that anyone can question it. But I think anytime I would feel a little down about it, I would remember the reasons I chose Notre Dame.

"First year success would have been great, but it is not something that was expected out of a coach with such a big overhaul. So I would focus on the other factors like the schooling, tradition, alumni base, and the future of the program that drew me in originally."

Did Matt pay any closer attention to the offensive line play when watching Notre Dame last season?

"I spent most of my time watching Zach (Martin) and Taylor (Dever). One of the things I've always enjoyed about the spread is that it demands a lot out of everyone, especially the tackles as it demands great athleticism be it the tackle pulls or just protecting the quarterback with you being out on an island. I really enjoy that aspect of it and enjoy watching it."

Now that he is closing in on his move to campus, has Matt started to worry about the distance from home?

"As I start to look at it more now I know some of the guys are coming from closer areas and they can kind of slip home on the weekends and times like that. I know I won't have some of those opportunities but feel getting away for college is all part of the process and plays a really special part in your development. We are growing up and this is a good exciting time for us. I'm kind of looking forward to that separation from the family and everything."

Who has Matt been staying in contact with in the class?

"Originally I kept pretty good contact with Brad Carrico because I was originally slotted to be an early enrollee and had spent a lot of time talking with him. I still talk with him and he's been really good as he's able to give me some insight about how things have been going for him the past few months. I've also stayed in contact with Conor Hanratty and Stephon Tuitt as I had some fun times hanging out with him at the all-star game."

Looking back now, how fast did the whole recruiting process go by?

"The best way to put it is it just really flew by. Some parts of the recruiting process felt so long and tedious. But really looking back it seemed like it flew by and it's amazing that I'll soon be reporting for the real deal now."

What will he remember the most about the recruiting process?

"I think taking visits and getting the whole wine & dine experience and seeing all the different personalities out there.

"I feel recruiting is an amazing developmental opportunity as far as dealing with people and learning different sales strategies. Not to be mean about, but college coaches are all selling their products in a different way and I think that is what I really enjoyed the most about it getting to seeing the different personalities and how people interacted and getting to see all the neat places."

While Matt knows he'll be taking part in summer workouts, he also knows its back to school. What classes will he be taking first?

"I'll be taking calculus and theology this summer as I start gearing up for the business school as I hope to be a financial advisor when everything is said and done. That is kind of what my dad does, so I'm going to start studying for that."

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