Decker Staying Busy

For Taylor Decker there have been few moments this summer to sit back and take a break. Irish Eyes caught up with the future Notre Dame offensive lineman to find out how he's spending the early part of his summer months.

With his college recruiting behind him, Vandalia (Ohio) Butler offensive tackle Taylor Decker has stayed extremely busy. How crazy has the early part of summer been for Decker?

"It's been crazy as last week I had football on Monday, Wednesday and Friday with camps after lifting. Then on Tuesday's and Thursday's I had basketball starting at six in the morning and then Monday through Friday, I had two basketball games every night for summer league. So it's been real busy."

While I'm still getting letters from all the schools, Coach Bush let all the coaches that came in towards the end of the school year know I was not trying to be rude, but I had no interest in talking with them."

With his busy schedule, Taylor knows it may be hard for him to make a visit up to Notre Dame before he gets started with his senior season.

"If I get a chance to go up to Notre Dame it won't be this month. My dad and I have talked about going up this summer and just walking around the campus and maybe talking with the coaches if they are there. But I know I'll be going to a lot of games because I want to take my sisters up there and my parents again."

As for staying in contact with his main recruiting coach Tim Hinton, Taylor says at times it's been hard, but he understands.

"The last four times I've called I've not been able to get a hold of him on the phone. So I sent him an email the other day and he got right back with me. So I've been playing phone tag with him. I've also emailed with Coach Warinner and he's gotten back with me. So I'm keeping in contact with them."

With his commitment solid, Taylor is looking forward to helping his team win a conference championship.

Irish Eyes will be keeping tabs on Taylor until he reports a year from now. Top Stories