Fulwood hopes to camp at ND

Florida wide receiver Ahmad Fulwood now holds an offer from Notre Dame, and hopes to camp there this month. Irish Eyes caught up with Fulwood to get the latest.

Tuesday was a big day for one Michael Floyd fan. Ahmad Fulwood of Jacksonville (FL) Bishop Kenny High School makes it no secret he's a fan of the Notre Dame wide receiver. And at 6-foot-4, 200-pounds with the ability to run the forty in 4.45 seconds, Fulwood could be a guy to come in and be the next top Irish wide receiver.

How did Ahmad learn about his newest scholarship offer?

"The day before (Tuesday) my coach told me that Notre Dame had called and he told me to call them at workouts. So I called Coach (Tim) Hinton and he said the whole offensive side of the ball liked me and they wanted to offer me."

Was Ahmad excited about the interest the Irish are showing so early?

"I'm really excited as Notre Dame is a really good program."

What else did Coach Hinton tell him?

"He said they liked that fact I was big and fast for my size and how I got off the ball. He said that was one of the more important parts to my game."

With offers from Arkansas, Clemson, Boston College, Duke, Mississippi, South Carolina, Wake Forest and now the Irish. Ahmad has been surprised by the early interest shown in his abilities.

"I really did not think I would be getting offers this early. Especially as a sophomore, I thought I would get some in my junior year so this experience is taking me by surprise."

As for leaving his home state, Ahmad knows Notre Dame could be a strong enough pull to make him leave home.

"It's possible. If that is where the road takes me, I'm open to go anywhere. I know my mom wants to be able to see my games, but I also know Notre Dame has that NBC contract so she could see me play every game."

As for a visit this summer, Ahmad says that is in the plans.

"I actually plan on visiting Notre Dame this summer. I'm trying to come up there with my quarterback John Wolford.

While his offer is new, Ahmad says there have been many already questioning what he knows about Notre Dame.

"Every time someone ask what I know about Notre Dame, I always point out the movie Rudy. It's a great movie and I love that movie. I'm getting to learn more and more about Notre Dame and getting to know more about the academic side of Notre Dame instead of athletics."

As for the area of academics that has his interest, Ahmad has two things in mind.

"Right now I'm open to engineering or architecture."

While Coach Hinton made an impression during their conversation, it was the time spent with Irish wide receiver coach Tony Alford that really has Ahmad excited.

"When I called Coach Hinton he was with Coach Alford and put me on the phone with him. Coach Alford pointed out that he would be excited if I could get up to camp and excited that we were talking. He wants me to call him a couple of times a week to catch up."

So did Ahmad watch Notre Dame this past season to get a feel for the Irish offense?

"Yes, I've been a big fan of Michael Floyd and watched to see him play."

So has the early interest started taking its toll?

"By far, I'm getting very overwhelmed and it's really hard to take in at some point."

As for what he's looking for in a school, Ahmad has some early thoughts on what he's looking for.

"Basically I'm looking for a place that is like a second home to me so I feel like I've never left home. That would be the first thing. Any place where I could feel there are any kind of uncomfortable or awkward vibes I don't think I could go there at the moment."

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