Browne Sees Something Similar

Washington quarterback Max Browne has already picked up a couple of offers. Next week, Browne will head to the Midwest with a stop at Notre Dame. We check in with the Class of 2013 signal caller.

For Max Browne the chance to show his skills have taken him from the Heart of Texas to sunny California. Next up is the Midwest and a stop in South Bend, Indiana and the campus of Notre Dame. Where all has the 6-foot-5, 200-pound signal caller been so far?

"About a half a month ago I headed down to California and did the Nike Training Camps and the Elite 11 camp while also checking out California and Stanford. Back in January, I went down to San Antonio for the Army Combine. Those are the only camps I've done so far but I'll be going to the University of Washington and then heading off to see Wisconsin, Michigan and Notre Dame next week."

So how much interest has Notre Dame shown in the Sammamish (WA) Skyline product?

"They've been sending me a bunch of mail. With me being relatively young as far as recruiting goes, they can't send me a whole lot, but they send me little letters about their camps and other things. Coach Denbrock stopped by my high school and visited with my coach a little bit about me. They seem interested but as far as specifics I won't know a whole lot until I take my unofficial visit there next week."

Will his visit be for camp or just to check things out?

"On Wednesday, I'll be taking a tour of campus and then the next day I'll be throwing for them in their quarterback camp."

With Notre Dame already having shown players have no problems leaving the west coast, is the goal to get away from the West Coast?

"I wouldn't say I'm like wanting to get away. I just want what is the best fit for me. I'm not scared to go away as all my brothers went away, east coast/west coast. I'm just trying to check all the schools out and I'm not afraid to go away. But with a school like Notre Dame and the prestige that goes with it I wanted to check it out."

One thing that has caught Max's interest in the way one of Brian Kelly's former quarterbacks played. Max feels he's very similar to former University of Cincinnati quarterback Tony Pike who helped Kelly to an undefeated season before coming to Notre Dame.

"When Coach Kelly went over to Notre Dame, in my head I thought to myself I'm kind of like the quarterback he had in Cincinnati, Tony Pike. But no one has made the connection. I watched him play against Pitt and saw a big strong kid with a strong arm."

Another thing helping Max out during the early part of the recruiting process has been having the chance to watch a few of his teammates go through the process the past couple of years. "I say it helps to have had two former All-American recruits before me. Not only for me, but for my coach, as he knows the rounds and knows coaches even before they come to our school, so I would say it helps."

Q&A with Max Browne

So what is the main purpose of the visit to Notre Dame next week?

"I would say it is to learn more about Notre Dame. I do not know a lot, but I know their system fits what I do. They like to throw the ball and Coach Kelly is great with quarterbacks and I could see myself going there.

"I also want to show them everything they've seen and heard about me is real and that I can throw the ball with the best of them. While there I also want to get a glimpse of Notre Dame as I've heard nothing but great things about it to see if it's really a school of interest because right now it is."

Has Max been surprised by the early recruiting interest shown him so far?

"I've always had confidence in myself and always felt schools should be checking me out. But to have schools checking me out this early, I can say I'm surprised because at times it can be hard to get recruited from the state of Washington. Things are falling into place and I'm lucky to go to a great high school that wins a lot of games, but I'd say I'm a little surprised, but it's a great experience and one that I'm trying to enjoy."

What would an offer from Notre Dame mean to Max?

"I say it makes you are aware the best schools are after you if you get an offer from Notre Dame. You know that is the best of the best and that is big time football. That is something I'm interested in and would be a great accomplishment because you see movies like Rudy and see all the great players that come out of Notre Dame. But I can say it would be real exciting and would mean a lot and be very special."

When the time comes to make a decision will depth charts play a part in his choice?

"It's not a big deal to me. I would like to play early as I want to get on the field and play. But early playing time is not something that is going to make or break my decision. I just want the best fit for me and if there are a lot of quarterbacks in front of me that might alter my decision, but I'm aware the chance of me going in and starting for four years is very unlikely. But I just want to play as many years as I can. But depth charts are not going to make or break my decision."

As for the areas of strength and weakness to his game, Max seems to have a very good grasp of the things he's good at and needs to work on.

"The strength of my game is I'm able to make big time throws in big time situations. We had a lot of close games last year and I delivered in most of them. The hardest one was in our state game, but for the most part I felt I delivered with big time throws in important parts in the game.

"I feel I need to work on my mobility as I didn't have a lot of rushing yards last year. Not so much in the pocket as I feel I have good feet in the pocket. But knowing when to tuck and run and knowing when it is appropriate to take a sack or to tuck and run and get the five yards and move the sticks. You can always improve your footwork."

Any idea on a timetable for his decision?

"I've thought about it but not set a date in stone. But from all the recruits I've talked with that committed early, none of them regretted it. They say it helps your team and gets the pressure of recruiting off yourself so you can just concentrate on your team. So I think at first I felt I would commit before my senior year or even earlier on, but I'm not sure if that is something I'm going to try and do." Top Stories