Florida 2014 QB Looks to Impress Irish

The upcoming week will find Florida Class of 2014 quarterback John Wolford looking to open the eyes of Notre Dame coaches. IrishEyes.com checks in with Wolford about his upcoming visit.

To say Jacksonville (FL) Bishop Kenny High School quarterback John Wolford is excited about his upcoming camp visit to Notre Dame is not telling the whole story.

"I'm a big Notre Dame fan and my family is also all big Notre Dame fans. So were going to come up to camp."

While he just finished his freshman season, Wolford has already opened a few eyes.

"I started last year as a freshman which was really cool and I've already been to a lot of camps. I just got back from Florida's camp today. I spoke with Coach Molnar and he wants me to come up to their camp to see how I perform. So it should be exciting."

What have college coaches been telling the young gunslinger?

"They've been telling me that I'm ahead of kids my age in how I throw the football and how I act. They all have said that I've been throwing the ball great. However, I'm so young it's not like they are going to offer until next year."

Just this week John's teammate Ahmad Fulwood earned an offer from the Irish. It's John's hope to get the talented receiver to campus with him next week.

"Yes, I think I'm going to be able to get him up there. Notre Dame just offered him and he wants to go up and see it and learn what it's all about. Notre Dame is such a great program, so I'm going to try and take him up there with me."

While John is a huge fan of the Irish, next week will be his first visit to campus.

"No, I've never been up to campus. My cousin goes there and a lot of my family has gone there so this should be exciting."

What would it mean to earn an offer from the Irish?

"It would be amazing. It would be huge. As I said, my whole family is Notre Dame fans and it would be a really cool experience."

IrishEyes.com will check back with John following his camp visit next week.

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