Georgia Linebacker has two offers

Hart County high school in Hartwell, GA is home to one Jae Thaxton. Thaxton is a 6-2, 215-pound linebacker with 4.7 speed. Thaxton is getting a lot of attention from all the top schools and has received two offers from two of the bigger names in college football. Thaxton is also interested in the Irish. </P>

Jae Thaxton had a great junior season. "I'm not certain on my stats. I know I had 189 tackles," said Thaxton. "I played offense, I play tight end but they only threw the ball to me once. We are more of a passing team but they only threw to me once." Thaxton laughed about his lack of use in the offense and just wants to hit someone.

The Georgia prospect has received two offers thus far. "Georgia and Florida State have offered me. Pretty much every team in the country is writing me right now. The teams I'm most interested in right now are Florida State, Miami, Georgia, LSU, Notre Dame, Auburn, Clemson and Tennessee."

Academically, Thaxton appears to be set. "I think I have an A average in school. I took the test and I'm qualified but I want to take it again because I can do better than my score."

Thaxton said he is not sure if he will attend any camps this summer. "I didn't make it to the Nike camp. I might make some over the summer but I have no idea where I might go."

Thaxton says he has no idea when he might make his decision. "I will try to take all my visits but I'm not sure I will. I have basketball so that might be a factor."

As far as the Irish are concerned, Jae is interested but Notre Dame seems to be the only nothern school he is interested in. "I'm interested, they have written me a lot of letters. They have been in contact with my coaches and my Father has been in contact with a lot of coaches."

Comments. This is the classic example of Notre Dame being the only team a southern player is considering. Notre Dame doesn't win many of these battles but did steal Mitchell Thomas away from SEC country last year. They also managed to get LaBrose Hedgemon and Dwight Stephenson. Thaxton appears interested but it's a long way until February. Top Stories