Mauk trying to be a kid

Saturday found Maty Mauk and his Kenton (Ohio) High School teammates taking part in the Notre Dame 7x7 event. While Notre Dame coaches paid attention to the Ohio signal caller, Mauk spent the day thinking more about helping his team get better for his final year of high school. We spoke with Maty's father and high school coach Mike Mauk about the latest on his son's recruitment.

Saturday did not prove to be the day Maty Mauk and his teammates had hoped it would be. A year ago, Kenton (Ohio) High School played in the final game of the Notre Dame 7x7 and earned a championship in the process. This year, after a first game struggle, Kenton bounced back before coming up short in reaching their goal for the day.

Kenton head coach Mike Mauk said the experience will help his team later in the year.

"Outside of the first game I feel we did well. We had a chance to play against some good competition that will help us be a better team for it."

When it comes to the recruiting side of things, Coach Mauk knows there are different hats to wear as he must separated being father and coach at times. Having gone through the recruiting process with another son (Ben Mauk) does not mean it has become easy.

"I feel it's a little bit of a different situation with Maty. It's been good but at the same time it has been difficult. It is all about keeping things in a proper perspective and what is best for the player and what is best for the son.

"It has been our hope to allow Maty to enjoy high school while also enjoying this special experience.

"Maty will soon have to step up to the plate and make a decision. However, he's had so many things occupying his mind over the past year with school, football, basketball and track; we did not feel he could make a decision early."

As for the interest in Notre Dame, there is nothing but praise for the Irish program and head coach Brian Kelly.

"When it comes to Notre Dame you have to look at the tradition and the opportunity to play for a coach like Brian Kelly. Coach Kelly is one of the top football coaches in the country. However, you have to weigh all the factors and it is not an easy decision for Maty."

While some have reported Maty would be attending camps this summer, Coach Mauk assured Irish Eyes this was just a misunderstanding.

"Maty attended a camp a year ago that John McCallister held and really hadn't attended any camps since he was in sixth or seventh grade. We are visiting several colleges like Notre Dame this past weekend along with Vanderbilt and Alabama to participate as a team in some 7-on-7 events."

This fall Maty will have a chance to break some of his older brother's records. Nevertheless, Coach Mauk says only one thing really matters.

"It has never been about setting records. The biggest thing first and foremost is wins. Second is how you can help your team be successful. When Ben set his records he was part of a team that won back-to-back conference championships and back-to-back state championships. That had never been done at Kenton before.

"Maty has helped his team win three consecutive league championships and also make the playoffs each year. The biggest numbers are what we've done as a team."

While many fans had hoped Maty would have pulled the trigger by now, Mike Mauk feels there are now added pressures on kids to make early decisions.

"I feel it is tough on high school kids to make decisions so early. I also fully understand why college coaches have to do recruiting this way. I can see why some kids do make early decisions as they may have grown up a fan of a particular school.

"This is a major decision one must make as it affects the next four to five years of your life. Maty never had a favorite school he wanted to go to so he's open to many different options. He's always been busy focusing on the sport at that time."

As for when he feels his son will make his college decision known, it sounds if the trigger is not pulled soon, it will not happen until after Maty finishes his senior season.

"If he has not decided before the season starts, he will wait until it ends. I expect him to make it before our first game or even before that to be honest."

At this time it looks as if the schools have not changed much. Coach Mauk says Notre Dame, Michigan, Missouri and Cincinnati are the main four schools of interest. There have also been other programs to make contact but nothing to really talk about.

As for what Maty is looking for in a school, it seems he's got the same plan as most other recruits.

"Maty is looking at all the things kids are looking for in a program. He's taking his time and taking a lot of things into account. He's really just trying to enjoy being a kid right now."

We will continue to follow the recruiting trail of Maty Mauk in the coming weeks as he looks to make his college decision known.

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