Alviti Talks Irish & More

Having been on the Notre Dame campus Saturday for the Irish 7x7 event, Matthew Alviti saw firsthand what Notre Dame offers. However, it was his return visit on Sunday that really made his trip beautiful.

Saturday found Class of 2013 quarterback Matthew Alviti and his Park Ridge (IL) Main South teammates looking to enjoy some success during Notre Dame's 7x7. While the outcome was not what the talented signal caller was looking for, before he left South Bend, he was given some big news.

"We went 3-2 during the 7x7. We played well the first three games, but had a long break between our third and fourth games and came out flat and without any energy the rest of the way. We had hoped to advance to the playoffs."

As for a program, Alviti left liking what he saw under the Golden Dome.

"I like them (Notre Dame) a lot. The campus is beautiful there and it is a real good place to play football."

That interest went even higher on Sunday.

"I went back on Sunday to visit and had a chance to talk with Coach (Brian) Kelly. He ended up offering me."

In the early going Alviti has picked up three other offers.

"I've been offered by Indiana, Illinois and Northwestern. I'm also talking with UCLA and Wisconsin."

While Northwestern and the Irish may have a slight advantage, do not rule out the Bruins.

"My uncle played at UCLA awhile back. So I think I'm going to make a visit out there later this year. As far as any camps, I'm only looking to make it to Northwestern in late July. I really want to focus on my team as we are going to take another shot at a state title again this year."

With all the early interest the 6-foot, 175-pound Alviti knows it is still early.

"It is still early. I've got two great schools especially academically recruiting me now. Football wise, Northwestern is growing and Coach Kelly is going to turn the program around at Notre Dame. However, I'm still only going to be a junior and I've still got my junior year of football and my team to worry about.

So I'm not worried about college yet as I still have a lot of time. I'm not putting it off; it's just in the back of my mind as I'm focusing on my season."

So what was his conversation with Brian Kelly like?

"Coach Kelly told me what he liked about me and that Notre Dame would be a great fit. He was all positive and he's a real nice guy who I like a lot. I feel Notre Dame would be a great fit and so would Northwestern.

"I really love Coach (Pat) Fitzgerald and Coach (Mick) McCall there, so it is going to be a tough decision. I also really like Notre Dame recruiting coordinator Chuck Martin. But I've really not put much thought into where I want to go to school." will be checking back in the future with Matthew. Top Stories