Zander dreaming of Irish

While he knows the possibility of earning a scholarship offer from Notre Dame may be slight, it did not stop Zander Yost from taking in the total Notre Dame experience during a trip across the Midwest. caught up with Yost to talk about his recent visit.

Could Zander Yost be the modern day Rudy? That is the question the Norcross (GA) Wesleyan High School product is thinking after making a visit to the campus of Notre Dame.

While Yost was coming back from a camp at Northwestern, the stop in South Bend left a lasting impression.

"I go to a small private school here in Atlanta. So I guess for me some part of me wants to go to a big school. Notre Dame has such a beautiful campus and while it is smaller than some colleges, it is big to me."

While Yost did walk around and check things out on campus with his father, he did not have a chance to really speak with the Irish coaching staff.

"I did not get a chance to meet with the coaches or take an official tour as the coaches were busy with a 7x7. They did have a camp coming up but it was a 3-day camp and I had to be home for a 7x7 tournament."

The one camp Yost did attend was Northwestern. While there, he had a chance to meet his hero.

"The coolest part of my whole trip happened there. A while back I attended a regional tryout for the Football USA national team. While there my coach was from Buffalo Grove High School. That is the same school as my hero Tommy Zbikowski.

"While at Northwestern's camp, he came over and watched for a short time and I had a chance to meet him and talk with him."

While having the chance to swap email was good enough, the chance to meet and speak with the current Baltimore Ravens safety was more than he had hoped for.

While he holds no offers at this time, Yost is hopeful he'll turn a few heads during his senior season and find himself a home somewhere in college football. If not he does have in the back of his mind walking-on at Notre Dame.

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