Wynn Planning to Visit Top 3

Norfolk (Va.) Christian High's Courtnye Wynn has a top three, and it includes Notre Dame. So, what are the chances the Irish can pluck him out of Virginia and Virginia Tech territory? Wynn spoke to IrishEyes.com about it, as well as when he started following Notre Dame football and his timetable for making a decision.

Virginia and Virginia Tech fair very well when recruiting kids from northeast Virginia, which normally wouldn't bode well for Notre Dame when trying to lure a kid about out of the area.

However, in the case of Norfolk (Va.) Christian High's Courtnye Wynn, circumstances are different.

"I've been a Notre Dame fan since I was about 4 or 5 years old," the 6-foot-6, 235-pound defensive end said. "Those were the games I could catch on t.v. I wasn't very into football. I always loved watching football, but I never really paid attention to (individuals) who were playing. I was a basketball guy."

Wynn's said he was "basically" down to Notre Dame, Virginia and Virginia Tech – "Those are the schools that are showing me the most interest and I think those are the schools I will be most successful," he said – but didn't have a strong pull to the Virginia schools like so many other kids from his area because he grew up in Baltimore.

Wynn's family moved to the Norfolk area six years ago, but he is rooted in Baltimore when it comes to his upbringing.

From his top three schools, Notre Dame is the only campus he is yet to visit, but that will change in the fall. For now, his knowledge of it comes from internet research and speaking to the Irish staff, with assistant Charley Molnar the person he speaks with most frequently.

"He's awesome," Wynne said. "He's a great guy. He's great to talk to. He always assures me Notre Dame would be a great place to come, and he talks about how tight the family is and how the school supports things, and there is a big fan base. I already know about the academics."

As for Virginia Tech and Virginia, Wynn views those campuses differently.

"Virginia Tech's campus is more of an enclosed feeling because there's not much else in Blacksburg," he said. "Everything is close together. The stadium and the football building are right across from the dorm rooms. That is awesome.

"UVa is kind of like the opposite of Virginia Tech. There's ton to do near campus, the people in Charlottesville are great. There's a lot of history there, the surrounding area, with the mountains, is just wonderful."

Wynn did not mince words when he said academics were "No. 1" in the process, and added his major was contingent on which school he chooses.

"I am really not pursuing much of a career after football unless I'm fortunate enough to go on to the next level and play," Wynn said. "I want to get my degree first. That is why I am going to college."

Wynn said he will make his three official visits in the fall, and then make his decision.

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