Browne Talks Irish Camp Visit

Class of 2013 quarterback Max Browne recently camped at Notre Dame. Irish Eyes checks in with Browne to learn more about his experience.

With a handful of scholarship offers already in hand, Sammamish (WA) Skyline High School quarterback Max Browne looked to get things going with Notre Dame. How was his camp visit a few weeks ago?

"The visit went well. I was able to take a tour on that Wednesday and check out the facilities and meet with the coaches and just walk around a little bit in South Bend.

"On Thursday, I threw for them as I did their camp which was fun. I also got to check out the football facilities and it was a good visit all-in-all."

The two Irish coaches Browne looked to engage were quarterback coach Charley Molnar and West Coast recruiter Mike Denbrock. Did Browne get time with both coaches?

"Yes, those were the two main guys I spent my time with. I like them both and they seem to know what they are doing X's and O's wise."

What does Max feels stood out during his trip to campus?

"Football wise it is all the tradition that stands out there. Be it the Heisman Trophies, or the actual stadium. There is tradition there that you can tell is something very special and something that would be cool to be a part of.

"Non football wise I would have to say the whole campus. It's different, not in a bad way. It's a little bit smaller and as for South Bend, it is all about Notre Dame and Notre Dame Football."

What does Max hopes the future will be with the Irish?

"I just hope they stay interested because I know I'm interested in them. This gave me a chance to check them out and for them to stay on my board for a long time. Whatever works or feels right for Notre Dame Football and myself, I'm just looking for a good opportunity to check the school out more in the future."

Irish Eyes will continue to keep in contact with Max in the coming year.

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