Harrell, other Irish Pledges Working on Class

IrishEyes.com was able to catch up with future Notre Dame offensive lineman Mark Harrell as he was heading to lunch out at The Opening. Harrell, along with other Irish pledges, are working not only on drills, but also on adding to their class.

IrishEyes.com was able to speak with future Notre Dame offensive lineman Mark Harrell during a break from his work at The Opening in Beaverton, Oregon. How have things gone so far for Harrell?

"We just got done with the drills today," he said. "Things are going well as we just finished up the training camp part of the session and finished with some one-on-one drills. Now we're getting ready to eat lunch. I'm not sure what we're going to be doing next."

Irish fans have seen a few social network mentions from David Perkins about Irish pledges working on other prospects this week. Is Harrell also doing the same?

"Heck yea! I'm talking up Zach Banner a lot, and Sheldon Day a lot, trying to get them to come," Harrell said. "Me, David Perkins, Tee Shepard, Justin Ferguson and Deontay Greenberry are all out here and just trying to talk with some guys who are interested in Notre Dame and trying to get them to commit."

One thing Harrell is doing at The Opening is taking a crash course as an offensive lineman. The high school tight end knows his future is along the line and makes it no secret he's embraced his future position.

"I'm working with the offensive line out here," he said. "I've totally given up the tight end thing."

While Harrell is fully committed to the Irish, he still works to keep in contact with his main recruiter, Irish assistant coach Mike Elston.

"We haven't spoken a whole lot, as I know he's been busy during the summer," Harrell said. "But we have stayed in contact from time-to-time to see how each of us is doing."

Irish Eyes will check back with Mark following his trip and work at The Opening.

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