Opening Bonds

While many of the top players from across the country took part in The Opening just to show their skill level, others, like Notre Dame pledge Justin Ferguson, used it to build some important bonds with future teammates. Irish Eyes spoke with Ferguson about his experience and more.

This Wednesday, top prospects who took part in The Opening were starting to get back to their everyday lives. How is Notre Dame pledge Justin Ferguson of Pembroke Pines, Florida doing since he returned home?

"Yea, I'm good. I have a little ankle issue but I'm recovering good."

One thing Irish fans heard a lot about during Ferguson's time out in Oregon was how members of the Irish 2012 recruiting class were working on other top prospects. How does Justin feel things went?

"I'm not sure who we're going to get, but I feel we did a pretty good job on a couple of players and I'm still in the process of getting a couple of guys. So my job is not done yet."

With testing being combined with 7x7 and other drills, Justin was not totally happy with his overall performance. However, looking back he's seeing the improvement.

"I feel I did very well. I was upset about my forty times, but I'm not really worried about it because I look back at what I did in ninth grade when I ran a 4.9 and I just went out and ran a 4.6 without training for it. But I feel my overall performance especially during the tournament went very well."

While he and his future teammates worked on getting more players on board, it also gave them time to build a bond Justin feels will help in the future.

"I feel it was very good and a very important thing to have when it comes to recruiting. I feel it gave us guys a chance to build a bond and it's going to be better for the team in the future."

So what kind of contact has Justin been having with Notre Dame since his pledge?

"I get a letter here and there, but I stay in contact with Coach Alford all the time. We pretty much catch up on what is going on and he tells me to keep on track with my school work and how he is going to use me when I get up there." Top Stories