Colorado Back Likes Irish

South high school in Denver, CO is home to Patrick Ealy. Ealy is 5-9, 185-pounds with 4.5 speed. Ealy doesn't have any offers yet but many schools have been writing him including Notre Dame.

Patrick Ealy had a good junior season. He rushed 151 times for 1,052 yards and 17 touchdowns. "My coach says I run like Walter Payton," said Ealy. "I can cut on a dime but I also run with power."

Ealy doesn't have any offers at this time but many schools have been writing him. "Colorado, Stanford, Georgia Tech, Colorado State, Georgia, Alabama, Oregon, Arizone, Notre Dame and Washington are some of the schools that have been writing me."

The Colorado prospect has a 2.6 core GPA and has taken the test but has yet to receive his score.

Ealy does have some camp plans. "My coach is taking us to Wyoming camp. I might also attend Colorado State and Oregon as well."

Ealy likes Colorado but says he wants to leave the state to go to school. "I'm just looking to leave the area. I think I'm ready to leave here and see what else is out there."

Ealy said he plans to take most of his visits before deciding and has no time frame on when he will commit.

Notre Dame is a school that Ealy is interested in but he doesn't know much about Notre Dame. "I don't watch college football. If I'm not playing, I am not interested. I don't know much about Notre Dame. I know about their tradition and it's a good school but I don't know a whole lot about Notre Dame but I am interested in them."

Comments. Ealy seems pretty wide open. He doesn't have any offers yet so it will be interesting to see who offers in May. We will keep an eye on him and see how much interest the Irish might have. Top Stories