The Latest on Sheldon Day

As the heat of summer continues to rage across most of the country, the recruitment of Sheldon Day continues to be a hot topic among fans of several teams. One program Day has been rumored to be close to giving a pledge to is Notre Dame. Where do the Irish stand? We have the latest.

Wednesday found Indianapolis (IN) Warren Central defensive lineman Sheldon Day on the highways of America getting ready to visit another of the country's top football programs Auburn.

While some have suggested the 6-foot-2, 280-pound Day is close to putting the recruiting process behind him, he stresses he's not close at this time.

"I'm still working on it as it has been a long summer with a lot of practice," Day said. "But I'm starting to get around to it. Right now I'm doing alright and life is trying to treat me good."

While many try getting Day on the phone daily for the latest news, he stresses he's not tired of the recruiting coverage.

However, he did say he's not too quick to answer his phone.

"I won't say I'm getting tired of it all," Day said. "I'm just selective with who I want to talk with. Right now I'm still going through the process and trying to weight out all my options to see what my best choice would be."

Where does Notre Dame stand at this time?

"Right now they are still in the hunt," Day said. "I love the campus and the people in the campus. It's the people there that make it real nice."

One thing Day feels could give the Irish an advantage is being recruited by his future position coach Mike Elston.

"I feel it does make a difference as I can better understand how he coaches and better understand him as a person," Day said. "

While Coach Elston may be making an impact, the words of Irish defensive coordinator Bob Diaco are still in the highly sought after defender.

"Coach Diaco told me I would be the battery for the defense," Day said. "I'm not sure what all that means, but I still remember him telling me that."

Just a couple of weeks ago, Day was in Oregon along with many of the top prospects in the country for The Opening, a Nike combine event. While there, pledges from a couple of schools were in his ear. Who was pushing Day to join them?

"The Notre Dame guys and some of the Michigan guys were telling me to just do it," Day said. "But we are here right now and I did not do it."

From all accounts Sheldon's mother was impressed with Notre Dame's full package. However, it also seems his brother has also given the Irish a positive grade despite being a Michigan fan.

"My mom really likes the campus, the tradition and academics Notre Dame has," Day said. "My brother like the quality of football they have to offer me. He's a Michigan fan and at first he said he was bias towards them. Now he tells me he likes both of them."

So when can fans expect to know more about the schools who are at the top of Day's recruitment?

"I really do not know when I'm going to trim my list," Day said. "I'm going to try and get it done in the middle of August or sometime around there." Top Stories