ND Commit Prosise Talks GI Kings Experience

Notre Dame commit C.J. Prosise of Woodberry Forest School (Va.) got his first taste of national competition during the weekend's Gridiron Kings event at Walt Disney World. Prosise, a safety, spoke to IrishEyes.com about the experience, and about the recruiting that goes on during such events.

Woodberry Forest (Va.) School safety C.J. Prosise received his first experience of playing against a stacked field of elite competition, and came away feeling good about his performance and toughness.

Prosise, who committed to Notre Dame in late May, participated in the Gridiron Kings 7-on-7 tournament over the weekend at Walt Disney World, and it was, by far, the greatest collection of talent he has been around.

"It was great. There was a lot of competition," he said. "It makes you a better player and prepares you for the next level. You have to get used to it now, so it's exciting I got to do that."

The 6-foot-2, 190-pound Prosise acknowledged things didn't go smoothly from the beginning.

"I wasn't really adjusted to the speed, or the talent, because I hadn't been around any of it before," Prosise said. "I kind of struggled at first, getting used to the speed, and then eventually I started picking it up. It definitely shows I got a lot better because it was against a lot better competition."

By the end of it, though, Prosise proved he belonged.

But as the event wore on, he also realized there was more than one game going on. Not only was their action on the field, but plenty of action was taking place with recruiting off the field.

"There's guys saying, ‘Come to my school,' but it was mostly competition," Prosise said. "You talk to some of the kids who say Notre Dame is on the top of my list, and you just tell them how great the school is, but Notre Dame is going to sell itself. You really don't have to do much."

The event also gave Prosise the chance to meet Irish commits Deontay Greenberry, Tee Shepard and Ronald Darby.

"Darby was my teammate, so we got to hang out a lot," Prosise said. "I talked to a pretty good bunch (of players) during the weekend."

And after watching Darby in action, Prosise was able to see the nation's top high school sprinter in action.

"He's a burner," Prosise said. "He's really fast. He can recover so easily from a mistake. You don't have to worry about him getting beat much because he's so quick."

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