IE Breakdown: David Perkins offers its in-depth breakdown of David Perkins, the South Bend (Ind.) Washington High School product and a rising member of coach Brian Kelly's class of 2012.


HT – WT – SPEED: Listed at 6-foot-2, 200-pounds, David Perkins is solid as a rock and has room to add weight without losing his gifted athletic ability. Each time we've seen Perkins perform he's shown excellent speed and explosiveness.

QUICKNESS – AGILITY – BALANCE: There is no missing these three crucial skill sets when you watch Perkins on game film, or in a combine setting. It is here the South Bend native makes a great first impression on anyone who watches him.

STRENGTH: Perkins has above average brute strength and the more important recoil strength from his upper and lower body.

BODY FLEXIBILITY: A high school running back and linebacker, this is an area needing some work. At times his movements are stiff and mechanical.

PRODUCTION: Because of his athletic ability Perkins is able to produce more from his ability and efforts. However, at times Perkins gets lackadaisical on the field and it hurts his overall production. This is an area that must be fixed at the next level.


The first time I watched Perkins in person I projected him as a linebacker at the college level. One of the surprises in Perkins selecting Notre Dame is his desire to be a running back in college. While I'm sure some programs promised him the chance, I'm also sure he'd find a position move early to the defensive side of the ball.

Perkins has the ability to take on and defeat offensive linemen getting separation. His strengths come from his speed and the ability to avoid blockers using power and finesse.

The area of work will come in Perkins' ability to read and diagnose an offense pre-snap along with his ability to react on the move in the flow of the action. In recently viewing of Perkins in action he'll have to continue working on his hip turn and foot quickness enabling him to get depth and width on a play.


Perkins has a chance to be a special player at the college level. However, this will depend upon his desire to be great and not just using his natural abilities to make plays. The harder Perkins works in the Irish strength program and in the film room will determine the impact he'll be able to make on the program during his career. Top Stories