4-star Odenigbo gets Answers: Part One

After returning from a trip to the campus of Notre Dame, Ifeadi Odenigbo called IrishEyes.com to give us the latest news about Tuesday's visit and his interest in the Irish.

This is Part I of our question and answer session with Centerville (Ohio) High four-star outside linebacker Ifeadi Odenigbo, who visited Notre Dame on Tuesday:

IE: Who went with you to Notre Dame today?
Ifeadi Odenigbo: It was my dad and I.

IE: What did Notre Dame have you do once you got there?
Ifeadi Odenigbo: We got there a little bit late because driving with my dad takes forever; five hours, by the way. We got there a little bit late, so immediately we got to meet (assistant) coach (Tim) Hinton and he directed us to the academic advisors. So, we spoke with the academic advisors for about 30 to 45 minutes and I got a good amount of my questions answered.

IE: Did Notre Dame answer the questions you had about your academic interest?
Ifeadi Odenigbo: Yeah. I wasn't aware Notre Dame had a computer science program, but after speaking with the guy, I learned they've had a computer science program for about twenty years. It's been around for a good amount of time. So, a lot of my questions were answered, and now I have a better feel for Notre Dame and the computer science and everything.

IE: Are you sure Notre Dame has what you are looking for academically?
Ifeadi Odenigbo: Yeah, I'm 100 percent sure now Notre Dame has the academics I'm looking for.

IE: After looking at the academic side, Dame what did they have you do?
Ifeadi Odenigbo: After academics I met with coach (Brian) Kelly. When I met with coach Kelly, I got a lot of my questions answered. I felt like my first visit was to see how Notre Dame was and how everything was. But my second visit was to get my specific and individual questions answered because this is what is going to separate what school I chose and which school I should commit to.
Notre Dame did a very good job and I really enjoyed speaking with coach Kelly and a lot of my questions got answered and I felt very comfortable with him.

IE: What kind of questions did you have for coach Kelly?
Ifeadi Odenigbo: The questions were about how he was going to develop me as more than just a football player, and as a student athlete and to be a better person overall. I know I want a coach who is someone I can count on if I'm struggling academically, or on the field going through some pains.
I want a coach who will still coach me up and still have my back. Because I have heard about some coaches not doing that and I don't want to be part of a program like that.
Like I have said before, the NFL has never been my No. 1 thing. My No. 1 thing is helping the football team out and trying to win a national championship while also getting a good degree. So, if I do make the NFL, that will just play a role. I have to do those things first before I even start thinking about the NFL. One step at a time.

IE: After meeting with coach Kelly what is your personal feelings about him and where does Coach Kelly stand with all the coaches you have met?
Ifeadi Odenigbo: I was talking to him about Cincinnati and going from Cincinnati to Notre Dame. I feel anybody could have told you he was going to go to Notre Dame. So we talked about that and he told us and seemed genuine and sincere that Notre Dame will be his last job and this is his home. When you talk to someone and you're looking straight in their eye you get that feeling. It's hard to explain but your gut tells you if you should believe.

IrishEyes.com will continue its Q&A with Odenigbo later today.

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