4-star Odenigbo gets Answers: Part Two

We continue our talk with Scout.com 4-star linebacker Ifeadi Odenigbo following his Tuesday trip to Notre Dame.

This is Part II of our question and answer session with Centerville, Ohio linebacker Ifeadi Odenigbo who visited Notre Dame on Tuesday.

IE: You said you looked coach (Brian) Kelly in the eye and got some questions answered. Did you have concerns living so close to Cincinnati and seeing his departure from the Bearcats?
Ifeadi Odenigbo: No, I didn't really have any concerns because I remember when it happened, and I could have told you he was going to go to Notre Dame. Any person could have told you he was going. This decision is getting so hard and I'm asking coaches the same questions and seeing who answers it the best.

IE: So you had your meeting with Coach Kelly. What else did you do?
Ifeadi Odenigbo: After that, we took our tour. This visit was more for my dad because the last time I came my parents didn't get a chance to see it. My dad was just amazed by the whole experience. My dad was just amazed with the church and just loved the spiritual (aspect). He liked how Notre Dame builds you physically, mentally and spiritually. My dad thought that was very impressive and he was just impressed with everything.

IE: We have talked in the past about your faith. Is it going to be hard to separate Notre Dame from the other schools you're looking at because of it?
Ifeadi Odenigbo: Yeah, you can argue about that because it is going to be difficult right there. I'm not even sure what to say. I think when I make my decision and I commit, I'm going to have the biggest migraine. You wish you could just go to each school for a year. I'll go to this school for this amount of time and then I'll go to the next one for a year and so on.

IE: Are there any schools that give you goose bumps from the 'Wow' factor?
Ifeadi Odenigbo: All the schools have done a hell of a job preparing for my visits. So I've had that wow factor at all the schools I've visited. One school would be Stanford. It is one school I think about because of the whole environment at Stanford.

IE: In the past you've talked about your dad not grasping the whole recruiting process and schools wanting to pay for your education. Has that changed now?
Ifeadi Odenigbo: Yes, he's grasping things now and it started with my visit to Northwestern. So he was prepared for Notre Dame. But he's just happy this is not all about football. He knows football plays it role and is all about winning a national championship. But he's just happy these schools are trying to make you from young boys to men.

IE: So what else stood out Tuesday?
Ifeadi Odenigbo: The dining hall. That was impressive, like the food they have there is great. It was some good stuff. I had a whole bunch of grapefruit and for some reason I just could not stop eating it. I had like four of them. I could live there. I could dig a hole in the ground and live there so I could wake up just to be close to the food.

IE: Did you get a chance to spend any time with strength coach Paul Longo?
Ifeadi Odenigbo: Yeah, I got too meet with him for about 20 minutes. We got kind of rushed as we had to get going because my dad had to be back for a conference in Columbus. It was my second time meeting him as I got to meet him at the junior day too .

IE: What did you get to talk about with coach Longo?
Ifeadi Odenigbo: I was just talking with him as I was there when the players were lifting. He was explaining to me their routine and how they are kind of backing off right now as they are getting ready for two-a-days. All the players were impressive specimens and I know he could develop me as a football player. I've been kind of worried about the meat on me as I'm kind of skinny coming out of high school. But I know I won't have any problems gaining weight after seeing these guys. They looked like men and I was like 'this is ridiculous' as this guy's bicep was bigger than my whole stomach. I was like 'how was this possible?'

IE: So what other things did you get to see?
Ifeadi Odenigbo: I got to see the locker room. I may be leaving out some things because I'm really comfortable with Notre Dame having already been there. But my dad was really fascinated with everything. But as we went along things got refreshed in my mind as you kind of lose some memories. But after going around it really got me all excited again.

IE: Did this visit help Notre Dame get up there with Stanford and Cal?
Ifeadi Odenigbo: Yes, me going there today, it was off the depth chart. This trip was a difference maker today. I may not sound excited right now because I'm tired but I'm excited about it. Schools like Stanford and Notre Dame are extremely close together as both schools are very well known for their academics, and both can develop you on and off the field. Both have a very good football program. Notre Dame has been more consistent over the years while Stanford is a new up and comer.

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