4-star Odenigbo gets Answers: Part III

We continue our talk with Scout.com 4-star linebacker Ifeadi Odenigbo following his Tuesday trip to Notre Dame.

This is the final of three parts in our question and answer session with Centerville, Ohio linebacker Ifeadi Odenigbo who visited Notre Dame on Tuesday.

IE: You spent some time with Tim Hinton, how about coach Bob Diaco?

Ifeadi Odenigbo: Coach Diaco was in Florida for vacation but I did spend time with coach Hinton and coach Mike Elston for the most part. I've met them before and this time I watched a lot of film with coach Elston going over the position they are looking at me playing, the Dog (linebacker), and this was like a refresher of the things I had gone over with coach Diaco in the past. My dad was trying to comprehend it, but he had no idea what we were talking about so he just kept nodding his head yes.

IE: After leaving campus what did you and your father talk about?

Ifeadi Odenigbo: My dad was just impressed with the whole area. But he still doesn't understand why some areas are extremely old and others new. I told him it was tradition but he was just like 'Oh tradition, hum.' But he was like 'Some of the rooms are very, very old...' and I kept telling him 'tradition.' Then he said, 'Tradition will only take you so far.'

IE: So what did you get to see during the day?

Ifeadi Odenigbo: We saw so much, like the Dome, the library and all the facilities.

IE: You have some things to think about. Are you any closer to picking a school?

Ifeadi Odenigbo: To be honest, no I'm not. These visits make it extremely tough and I've spoken with my parents and they have the same dilemma as me. At first I didn't know about Notre Dame but they answered a lot of my questions today. One question I had asked when they first offered me was if someone else they were recruiting at the Dog position would commit if that would mean I would lose my offer from Notre Dame. At first they said it was first come first serve and I wasn't too sure about that. But they have now changed that and they are saying I can take as long as I want. They said for other players that would not be ok, but for me that would be ok and that made me feel secure. Another question I had, as I had a lot of specific questions to ,was if I would get injured if my offer would still stand? Coach Hinton told me that Notre Dame will have me as an offer because we love you as a student and also as a person. I know coach Hinton is one of those few people who don't lie about anything as he's a very sincere guy and that made me feel very comfortable to know that, because at the end of the day that is what a family is.

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IrishEyes.com would like to thank Ifeadi for being so open about his visit to Notre Dame, and for giving us a chance to learn more about his views of the Irish. IrishEyes.com will continue to follow the recruitment of Ifeadi in the coming weeks and months.

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