Star of the Summer

Deontay Greenberry has enjoyed a great summer, traveling across the country and excelling at several events in the process. caught up with the Notre Dame pledge to get the latest.

Deontay Greenberry is excited to be back home, and with good reason: he's been busy honing his impressive skills on the summer circuit.

‘Yes it was a good time," Greenberry noted of the Gridiron Kings event. "Tee (Shepard) and I just barely made it in the house."

The Gridiron Kings event gave the 6-foot-3, 180-pound Greenberry a chance to showcase his considerable skills.

"It was a good experience going against some of the top notch guys again," he said. "I still managed to do the things I wanted to do, so it was cool."

Greenhorn found some time with friends, and fur Irish teammates, while in Florida.

"I was with Ronald Darby and my boy CJ (C.J. Prosise) you know, we were banging it."

Greenberry realizes the "summer season" is crucial to overall development.

"I feel its important going out there, meeting new people and seeing new faces and going out there having fun," he said, and he realizes the experience will help him when he gets to Notre Dame.

"Yeah, that is a big plus, just going around and hopping on a plane because that is what you're going to be doing in the future."

How much contact has Greenberry had with Notre Dame since his commitment?

"I stay in contact with my boy coach Mike Denbrock all the time," he said. "That is one of my best friends right now and I've been in real good contact with him."

One thing witnessed over the past month is how Notre Dame pledges have been talking with other top prospects about joining them in South Bend. Whose ear has Greenberry offered advice on the Irish?

"Well I don't know who all Tee is talking to. But I'm trying to get Shaquille Thompson and Bryce Treggs over with us," he said. "They are both going to come for their visits and we're all going to take our visits at the same time (USC game)."

Greenberry has likewise put in significant been work outside of the events he's attended?

"I just go one-on-one with Tee all the time, working on getting off the line from those over-aggressive corners. But other than that I feel I'm ready to go."

And when he arrives on campus?

"I'm going to go out there and battle as I know they are not going to just hand me a position even though they need help at the position," said Greenberry, who offered another bonus regarding his early commitment.

"It is a lot of pressure off of me as it is one of those things I've got checked off my list," said the soon-to-be senior target. "Now I can spend more time focused on my next year of schooling." Top Stories