Corner Prospect Hopes to Hear from Irish

Paul Crews is from Henderson, NC. Crews is 5-11, 170 pounds with 4.48 speed. The North Vance high school prospect hasn't received any offers yet but a lot of schools are very interested in Crews.

Paul Crews had a good year playing corner last year. He recorded eight interceptions and 96 tackles. He also blocked two punts and had one kick return for a touchdown. "I don't have any offers yet but a lot of school are interested," said Crews.

A lot of schools are interested and North Carolina, South Carolina and Clemson visited his school last week. "I am getting a lot of letters from UVA, NC ST, North Carolina, FSU, Miami, Georgia, Georgia Tech, Oklahoma, Penn State, Michigan and Colorado."

Crews plans to attend a few camps this summer. "I am going to the Nike Camp at Virginia Tech. I also plan to attend North Carolina camp, North Carolina State, UVA and I might make it down to Miami as well."

Crews said he has a 2.5 core GPA and just took the test on Saturday.

The star corner siad he plans to take all of his visits but might decide before his season or shortly after. "The coaching staff will be important to me. Also, I want to feel I fit in there with my teammates. After that, it will be what is best for me and my family."

The Irish haven't been in contact with Crews yet. "Not yet, I enjoyed what they did last year. I liked their team a lot. They reminded me of our team. We struggled the year before and went 11-1 last year and we did it with defense and just found a way to win. I liked their attitude on defense and the way they played. I like Coach Willingham and hopefully they will be in contact with me sometime soon."

Crews said he does have some schools he is interested but said they were in no particular order of preference. "UVA, NC ST, North Carolina, FSU, Miami, Oklahoma and Michigan would probably be my top schools right now."

Comments. Crews is one of the better corners in the country. He seemed very interested in Notre Dame when I spoke to him but the Irish have yet to be in contact with him. The 2.5 core could be a problem but he could have all the core classes needed. I will check back in June and see if the Irish have gotten in contact with him. Top Stories