The Experts' Take: Deontay Greenberry

A quartet of's national recruiting analysts were at Walt Disney World a few weeks ago to watch the Gridiron Kings 7-on-7 event, which involved plenty of Notre Dame commits and prospects. is using its knowledge in a week-long "The Experts' Take" feature, breaking down those players.

Four of's national recruiting analysts were at Walt Disney World late last month for the Gridiron Kings 7-on-7 tournament. After the event, asked for scouting reports from each person on prospects either committed or considering Notre Dame.

Today, we continue our daily series in which Brandon Huffman, Bob Lichtenfels, Chad Simmons and Greg Powers breakdown a prospect.

Player: Deontay Greenberry
Projected Pos: WR
Ht: 6-3
Wt: 190
School: Washington Union High (Fresno, Calif.)
Schools being considered Committed to Notre Dame

Huffman says: The meteoric rise he's had, from being a relative no-name in January or February when he was at the USA vs. the World combine, to now is just amazing. He's one of those guys that the bigger the stage, the brighter he shines. He's a football player. You don't really describe a lot of skill position guys as flat-out football players, but you just plug him in anywhere and Deontay thinks he can play that position.
They put him on a team to replace (injured) Shaquelle Thompson as a safety, but it's 98 degrees and its hot out there, and he's barely coming off the field. He is the kind of guy that when ther's a big play to be made, he's in the middle of it. Whether it's breaking up a pass, forcing an interception or catching a touchdown pass …he's just a football player.
He's got a swagger to him. He's very confidence in himself, (and has) a little bit of cockiness, but he backs it up. He's just a damn good football player.

Lichtenfels says: Greenberry played both ways at Gridiron Kings, at wide receiver and linebacker. He has some swagger about him. He is impressive as a receiver. He will go up and get the ball and is a fierce competitor. He is deceptively fast and has good ball skills. The multiple times I have seen him this spring and summer he has caught my eye and been one of my favorite players to watch.

Simmons says: He's a real big, physical type of receiver. He really knows how to use his size, and he made big plays. If the ball was within reach, he seemed to always catch it. He didn't seem to drop any passes, showed strong hands, and, again, I like the way he used his body.

Powers says: He's a guy that impresses me every time I see him. I think I was the first one to really scout him on a personal level at the Team USA trials, and from that moment on I felt pretty confident he was a national, Top 100 type of talent. He's passionate. He's aggressive, and he's dedicated.
He's very, very competitive, and that kind of edge is what I think sets him apart from other players across the country at his position. Top Stories