Gates Interested in Irish

Marion Catholic high school in San Diego, CA is home to Patrick Gates. Gates is a 5-9, 180-pound tailback prospect with 4.4 speed. Gates doesn't have any offers yet but many schools are taking interest in this speedster. </P>

Patrick Gates couldn't remember his stats from last year exactly but thought he rushed 123 times for 1,355 yards and 25 touchdowns. He said he also thought he caught 7 touchdown passes last year.

"I don't have any offers yet," said Gates. "A lot of schools have been writing. Arizona and USC have been writing me the most. UCLA, Colorado, Colorado State and Miami write me a lot, other schools do too."

Gates plans to attend some camps but isn't certain on which camps he will attend. "I am talking to my coach about that. I haven't decided on that."

The star running back did attend the All-American camp in San Antonio and the Nike camp and ran a 4.4 there

Gates said he didn't know what his core GPA is but said he has a 2.6 overall and will be taking his test in June.

The San Diego prospect says his brother is helping him with the decision. "My brother will decide on what is important," he said. "He is helping me with all of this and we are going to talk about what's important for me in choosing a school. Playing time will be important."

Gates lists his top schools as USC, UCLA, Michigan State and Arizona State right now but says he is open to anyone at this point.

Coaches have been coming by his school lately. "I know that Cal, Arizona and Notre Dame have stopped by. A few more have stopped by but I'm not sure who they were."

Notre Dame does interest Gates. "I like them. I like their offensive style. They run and throw the ball so it's a good balance. I think they have a good coaching staff there."

Comments. Gates didn't seem overly interested in Notre Dame at this point. He did seem interested in them in that he wants to know more about the program. The core and test score will be important. I will call him again in June and see if Notre Dame started recruiting him. Top Stories