IE Take: Scott Daly

Rarely is a long-snapper the first name discussed by a team's faithful during recruiting conversations. But South high school-product Scott Daly of Downers Grove (Ill.) is the second such pledge to the Notre Dame program over the last four seasons.

Long-snapper: scholarship or no scholarship? That is the question Notre Dame fans have asked since the pledge of Scott Daly in April.

But Daly's not the first long-snapper to receive a scholarship offer to join the Irish, as junior Jordan Cowart, signed by former head coach Charlie Weis as part of his 2009 recruiting haul, earned that honor. (Cowart has started 24 of 25 games since the beginning of his freshman season and the Irish have not had a punt blocked in that span.)

Below is my take on the Daly, the Illinois native and fourth verbal commitment for Brian Kelly's 2012 class.

What To Like

Snapping a football is an art form. While some will argue you don't spend a valuable scholarship on a long snapper, I'll disagree. Scott Daly is considered to be the best in the country in the class of 2012. Last season Brian Kelly and his staff looked to sign a player at the position and missed out. This time around they got the guy they wanted.

Daly is flexible and able to hold his own at one of the hardest positions on the field. His success will be valuable to the Irish in the years to come.

What May Concern You

The biggest concern expressed by some is giving a long snapper a scholarship when some feel you can pluck another player on the roster to get the job done. In years past that may have been true, however, the game has changed and having a high level long snapper on your team is a valuable asset.

Bottom Line

Like it or not Scott Daly is set to sign with Notre Dame on national signing day. His worth in the recruiting class will not be seen until he takes the field and is responsible for every punt, field goal, and extra point the Irish attempt as they look to win a National Championship.

The game has changed and having watched Mike Elston in the past work with his special teams unit has shown me the importance of this position. Brian Kelly enjoyed having one of the best in current San Diego Charger Mike Windt and will look for Daly to provide the same level of performance when he arrives on campus. Top Stories