Offers Coming for Taylor

<P>The Woodlands high school has been good to the Irish recently. Current defensive end Travis Leitko attended the school as did former defensive end Grant Irons. Another player the Irish will likely target from this school is running back Samson Taylor. Taylor tested off the charts at the Nike Camp and teams are starting to take notice.

Samson Taylor is an athlete. At the recent Nike Camp he ran a 4.34 in the 40-yard dash. He had a 37.2 inch vertical jump, bench pressed 185 pounds 21 times and ran the shuttle in 3.97 seconds.

Taylor also had a solid junior season. He has to share tailback duties with his teammate Kenny Hicks but still rushed 114 tiems for 760 yards. He also caught 12 passes for 220 yards and scored a total of 16 touchdowns.

The star tailback has a few offers thus far. "Colorado just offered me today," said Samson. "Northwestern, Texas A&M and Houston have also offered. I spoke with a Northwestern coach already and the Miami offensive coordinator called me and talked to me. My coach says it's like media day in his office with so many coaches stopping by."

The word is out about Samson and many more offers should come. Samson is also a good student with a 3.4 core GPA and plans to take the test sometime this summer.

Taylor is enjoying the process thus far. "I'm just keeping my options open right now. It has been fun. I am going to look at who offers me and where they want me to play. Location will be important. I will be there for four years so it will be important that I like where I live. Academics will be important as well. I want to major in computer graphics animation so a good computer science school will be important. I will also look at their depth chart. I want to play tailback and if a team has eight tailbacks already, they won't need me."

Taylor also is interested in Notre Dame. "I like their tradition. You don't find schools that have both the academic standards and are great in football. They have a great tradition and a new coach. Also, my friend Travis Leitko went there and I hear he is doing well up there."

The summer will be busy for Taylor. "I am going to go to Miami camp and see my Mom. I will be at the 1-day camp and A&M and Texas and my Dad will take me to another camp, probably either Penn State or Notre Dame."

Taylor does have a list of schools he likes right now but says he is open to anyone right now. "I like Colorado, Miami, Notre Dame, A&M, Texas, LSU, Penn State, Florida State, Northwestern, Ohio State and Iowa the most right now."

Comments. Great kid and he would fit in well at Notre Dame. Hopefully they can get him to camp. He is a very intelligent kid and academics will be important to him. If they get him to camp, they will have a shot. Top Stories