I'll gladly tell you Tuesday...

Head coach Brian Kelly met with the media following Friday afternoon's practice. Not surprisingly, the first question posed pondered the team's starting quarterback situation. Less surprising, Kelly deferred the official announcement of that decision until after a weekend set aside for evaluation.

With the University's freshmen registration this weekend and classes beginning for all on Tuesday, Irish players will receive a day off Saturday, the first full day's respite since beginning training camp on August 6.

A Sunday evening practice follows, then the final camp practice on Monday afternoon before depth chart movement ends (or is minimal) and official preparations for the season's home opener against South Florida begin Tuesday afternoon.

Prior to that practice session, Notre Dame fans will finally know which quarterback will lead their squad into battle vs. South Florida on September 3.

Tuesday treat

The Irish staff will use the weekend for final depth chart evaluations, which means unless the world of social media breaks the news first, Kelly will reveal his starting quarterback during Tuesday's standard noon press conference, the first of the 2011 season.

Was Kelly able to maximize the last week to better decide between senior Dayne Crist and sophomore Tommy Rees?

"We had multiple situations; multiple situations," he noted of the process. "Not just 2-minute (drills), but 4th and Goal from the 8-yard line with eight seconds on the clock. Plus-35 (beginning a drive from the offense's 35-yard line) with at 1:05 with one timeout," he offered as examples.

"We wanted to see everything, from grounding the ball in a clock situation, to throwing it away and not taking a sack and knowing you have another down. We really had to rehearse most of those game situations because both of them (Crist and Rees) are so statistically even."

So close, in fact, that Kelly's usually reliable tact of tracking every relevant number over each practice may prove futile.

"We were doing a production chart last night for both quarterbacks and the deeper we dug (with the) numbers, the more cloudy it became," he said. "I've been doing this a long time and sometimes it's easy to just look at the numbers and they tell you who the No. 1 and No. 2 quarterbacks are.

"We're going to get into subjective things now as we move forward, because the numbers are so equal. They do things so well and now we have to get to subjective."

Kelly elected not to elaborate on his subjective decision-making process as it would speak to both players' strengths and weaknesses.

One final time, for posterity

For fans pining for the great unknown, the young, promising quarterback with no discernible weaknesses due simply to the fact that he's never played a college down…you're going to have to wait a little longer to see such a dream scenario unfold under center in South Bend.

"They both have flashes," Kelly said of freshman quarterback Everett Golson and sophomore Andrew Hendrix. "Everett had a couple flashes today, but also when he has a chance to lob a ball back into the end zone; he (threw) a line drive and gets it picked off.

"There are great things from both those kids, they're just…we can't put them in there yet because they're not able to take great care of the football. You haven't seen them very much, obviously, so you have to rely on me, but both those kids have huge upside. They're just not ready to do it on a consistent basis."

Perhaps the more relevant question to the position's future at the school: which of the pair of untested signal-callers will be relegated to Scout Team duty in 2011?

Note: Irisheyes.com will have more player personnel notes from Kelly's post-practice interview, including updates on a host of freshmen and the team's starting battles at Will linebacker, left guard, and free safety, on Saturday morning.

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