Perkins Defers Spotlight

David Perkins enjoyed a solid night in his season-opener against Bloomington North. However, all he really wanted to talk about was one of his teammates. We have the latest on the 2012 Notre Dame pledge.

It would have been easy for David Perkins to talk about himself after South Bend (IN) Washington's season opening victory against Bloomington North.

Perkins, who opened the game with an 85-yard touchdown run and finished the night with 126 yards and two touchdowns could have allowed the focus to be on his great performance. Instead all Perkins wanted to talk about was one of his teammates.

"Did you hear about G-Boy (Gehrig Dieter)," said Perkins. "Man he was crazy the other night scoring five touchdowns and all those receiving yards (373 yards - new state record). I love watching him play, he's amazing."

While Perkins pointed out his teammate Dieter, he also stressed the Panthers have other playmakers as well.

"We're just a solid team all around," said Perkins. "We have playmakers all around who can make big plays."

When Perkins finally got around to talk about his performance he was happy, but felt there should have been more.

"It was good to get out there with the pads on and hit some people," said Perkins. "I had a 98-yard touchdown called back, so I should have had nine carries for over 200 yards. I was upset about that as it would have looked good on the stat sheet, however, we came out with the win and that will help us reach our biggest goal as a team to come out of this with a state championship."

Not only did Perkins play solid offensively, he also posted some solid numbers on defense.

"On defense I had like five tackles and three sacks," said Perkins. "It was a nice productive day for the team and for me as well."

Since he pledged to Notre Dame there has been talk of Perkins taking other visits.

Are there plans to visit any colleges in the near future?

"I'm committed to Notre Dame," said Perkins. "Right now it's my senior year for Washington High School and we're trying to win a state championship. So right now visits and talking about any other school is not the task at hand.

"We have a big season ahead of us and I've not been doing anything with the recruiting process. All I've been doing is focusing on our team.

"My whole reason for committing so early was to be able to focus on my team stuff and so far it's been paying off as we're looking real good."

While Perkins has no plans to visit any other colleges, he does have plans to be on the Notre Dame campus at least a couple of times.

"I plan on being at the South Florida game," said Perkins. "I'm also planning on attending the USC game with a lot of the other recruits."

The past month has found Perkins looking back at how fast his high school days have gone by.

"It all came so fast and it was crazy," said Perkins. "You go from being a freshman and following guys on to see where they end up going to college and wanting to be in that spot. Now I'm a senior and I'm going through the same process as they did. It came fast but it's been all cool as you only get to do this once."

One area Perkins was very vocal about after his pledge to the Irish was working to get other top players on the Irish Express.

"Things have slowed down since we picked up Sheldon Day," said Perkins. "He was the big one for us and he's the main guy I talk with as he's real cool. He went about the process and now he's Irish."

As for his contact with the Irish coaching staff, Perkins stresses he's talking with them all the time.

"I last visited at the beginning of summer, but since mid-July it's been all about my team. I still talk with coach (Mike) Elston every week and also talk with coach (Bob) Diaco and coach (Tim) Hinton. So things are still solid between me and the coaching staff."

As one of the top prospects in the country, Perkins knows people are watching him more now than ever before.

"It's a lot of pressure and a lot of expectations," said Perkins. "However, it's been fun and I feel I've been handling it well." Top Stories