Wisconsin Defensive Lineman Likes Irish

Nick Hayden hails from Arrowhead high school in Hartland Wisconsin. The 6-5, 270-pound defensive lineman had a monster year as a junior including 20 sacks. Hayden likes Notre Dame and plans to visit the school very soon.

Nick Hayden hasn't been to any camps and doesn't plan to. "I am going to my own team camp, that is the only one I will attend," said Hayden.

Nick said his coach prefers that he doesn't talk about his offers. "That's confidential. My coach said he would prefer that everyone talks to him about that."

Schools have been calling Hayden however. "Iowa, Michigan and Purdue have called so far. Some other schools have stopped by my high school."

Hayden has a 3.0 core GPA and just took the SAT so he doesn't have the results back from the test yet.

The star defensive lineman does have some summer plans. "I am going to talk to my coach and parents about that. I will go see some schools over the summer but we haven't talked about the schools I want to visit yet."

Hayden does know what he is looking for in a school. "The tradition will be important. I want to go to a school where they have a lot of tradition. The coaching staff will also be important and how I fit in with them at the school. Education will also be important."

Most kids that grow up in Wisconsin are huge Badger fans. Nick likes Wisconsin but also followed other schools. "I was a Badger fan but I also watched some schools like Michigan and Notre Dame. I did follow Wisconsin and I like them."

Hayden also likes Notre Dame. "I like them a lot. I am going to visit them at the end of this month. I like their tradition a lot. The religion factor is important. I am pretty religious and I am Catholic. It's a private school which I like. Their coaching has been great so I am very interested in Notre Dame."

Nick said he wants to stay close to home and will likely choose a school in the midwest. His plans are to narrow his list down to three to five schools and then visit them. He also plans to make a commitment to a school over the summer."

Comments. Hayden appears very interested in Notre Dame. It's a good sign that he is going to visit soon. I am going to guess that he will likely only visit three schools and decide. I think Wisconsin, Michigan, Notre Dame and maybe Iowa are the players here. My gut tells me Michigan is the team to beat here. A good visit to Notre Dame could turn the tide here. He seems like a guy who would fit in very well at Notre Dame.

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