Collins Hoping For Offer From Irish

Mission Viejo, CA is home to linebacker Jed Collins. The 6-3, 240-pound linebacker recorded 113 tackles last year and has been receiving a lot of attention from a lot of schools in Pac 10. Notre Dame also seems interested in Collins.

Jed Collins is a no-nonsense type of guy. He speaks his mind and is very open, honest and direct. "I ran a 4.9 at the Nike Camp. I wasn't happy about that. I am going to the Stanford Camp this Saturday. I am hoping to run a lot better than that. I should run a 4.7," said Collins. He could've lied about his time but Collins doesn't seem to want to hide or lie about anything and that is impressive.

"I don't have any offers yet," said Collins. "USC, Oklahoma, Washington, Washington State and Georgetown have called me so far. Notre Dame, Colorado, Kansas State and Michigan have been writing me."

Collins also has a 3.3 core GPA and recently took his test so no score is available.

Academics will be very important in Collins' decision. "Academics are going to be very important. I am going to college first to get my degree. The coaches will be important because they will be my parental figure for the next four years. The atmosphere will also be important, the campus and the players."

Besides the Stanford Camp, Collins plans to attend some other camps. "I am going to Notre Dame camp and USC camp this year. That will probably be about it."

The star linebacker says he just likes to hit people. "I admired people like Ray Lewis. His size and quickness and how he chases down little running backs. I'm a hard-nosed player and I am not afraid to hit anyone. I just try to play as aggressive as I can."

Collins has some top schools at this point. "USC, Notre Dame, Colorado, Oklahoma, Kansas State, UCLA, Michigan, Washington State and Washington are my favorites right now."

Notre Dame is a team that is high on Collins' list. "Notre Dame is one of the founding schools of college football. Their history is amazing. It's a football school but it's also a great academic school. Their alumni support is great. Notre Dame is second to none in the balance between academics and football."

Collins plans to take all of his visits. "That's part of the fun in all of this. I'm enjoying this. It's what I've worked so hard for. If the right school offers and it feels right, I might commit."

Commenst. This is a classic example of a great kid who had a bad 40 time. If he can run 4.7 and Stanford, I bet he gets a lot of offers very soon. The good news is he plans to attend Notre Dame camp. The staff will be able to see him in person. Here is a guy that you almost take regardless because you are scared to play against him. Collins is a very confident and committed individual. He is mature beyond his years and he is a no-nonsense guy. This is a guy who will work his tail off for you and you will never have a problem from him. He is already one of my favorite prospects to talk to. Top Stories