Decker Understands Expectations

One of Notre Dame's class of 2012 was in South Bend for the Irish matchup against South Florida. What did Taylor Decker see on Saturday? We have the latest.

Saturday was not a great day for Notre Dame as the team dropped a winnable game against South Florida. One of the many fans in the stands was offensive line recruit Taylor Decker of Vandalia (OH) Butler.

How was Decker's trip to South Bend?

"It was awesome," said Decker. "I was happy to be back on campus again despite the outcome not being very good for the Irish. We had to leave early when the game got suspended because my sister and her husband needed to get back. So we left at halftime."

As for the on field performance, Decker knows things could have gone better.

"It was just the turnovers and the lack of execution that hurt them," said Decker. "The receivers dropped a few passes they should have caught and I just felt they lost their confidence after that first drive because on that first drive they looked great. I thought that got under their skin a little bit and they lost their confidence. I feel the problems they have can be fixed and I don't think there should be any questions on if they will be fixed."

One thing many have asked about was the booing from fans towards the team. Decker said he may not agree but also understands.

"The fans of Notre Dame are great fans and have really high expectations, "said Decker. "Especial this year with coach (Brian) Kelly having a reputation of winning. I feel the fans came out with very high expectations for Saturday‘s game. I know you can not completely turn around a program in a short amount of time. So I feel the fans were irritated about what was happening on the field. However, I know they'll keep on supporting the team. I don't feel it was right to boo them but I understand and know it happens."

How have things been going on the field for the future offensive tackle?

I feel I'm playing very well," said Decker. "We're running the ball real well and coach has been running the ball in my direction. At times he'll put me at right tackle and run that way. I think we're the number one offense in the GWOC and we're also leading the GWOC in rushing. " Top Stories