Illinois Corner Hopes Irish Offer

Justin Johnson hails from Rochelle, IL. The 5-10, 180-pound corner prospect had a good junior season and has been receiving interest from some Midwest schools. He is hoping to hear more from Notre Dame.

Justin Johnson had a great season in 2002. "I had 144 tackles and 2 interceptions," said Johnson. Johnson also attended the Michigan Nike Camp. "I ran a 4.5 but I almost always run a 4.4 so I wasn't happy with that time."

Johnson has some interest from schools. "I don't have any offers yet. A coach from Illinois and Northern Illinois has called so far. I get a lot of letters from schools in the Midwest."

The corner prospect is also a great student. He has a 3.2 core GPA and took the practice test on the ACT and scored a 27. He plans to take the ACT on the 23rd of this month. "Education is the most important thing. Location and the environment will also be important to me. I hope to stay in the Midwest. I also want to play for a contender."

Johnson also plans to attend a few camps. "I am going to go to the Arizona State camp. I will also attend the Illinois and the North Western camp. I am not sure if I will attend the Notre Dame camp."

He hopes to make an early decision and sometime before the season. "Northwestern, Notre Dame, Stanford, Illinois and Arizona State would be my top schools right now."

Notre Dame has always been Johnson's favorite team. "I've always liked Notre Dame. I've watched them forever. I hear from them but it's sporadically. Obviously, if I had a chance to go there I would be very interested."

Comments. He is a great kid. He would fit in perfectly at Notre Dame but I'm not sure where he sits on the Notre Dame wish list. I will check back after May and see if they have more interest. Top Stories