With ND Visit Approaching, Mahone has Leader

Fitch High (Youngstown, Ohio) four-star running back William Mahone has a busy weekend, and it includes an official visit to Notre Dame. Mahone spoke to IrishEyes.com about his recruitment, and said he had a leader. Mahone also talked about when a decision could come.

Fitch High (Youngstown, Ohio) four-star running back William Mahone has a busy weekend ahead of him, beginning with a Friday night game before his official visit to Notre Dame begins Saturday around noon.

And Mahone didn't rule out concluding the weekend in dazzling fashion, namely making a non-binding commitment to Notre Dame, which he called is leader.

"It's a slim possibility," the 6-foot, 205-pound Mahon said. "It could happen, but I don't think it will happen."

Mahone added he dropped Penn State from consideration after he was unimpressed during an unofficial visit for the Nittany Lions' game against Alabama over the weekend.

He said he is also considering Pittsburgh, and he could make an official visit to the campus when the Panthers host Notre Dame on Sept. 24.

But when asked if Notre Dame was his leader, he responded, "Yes, sir."

The final piece of the Irish's recruitment could come during his official visit for the Michigan State game. Although he not arriving until Saturday, his stay will last a little more than 24 hours as he plans on leaving Sunday evening.

However, that doesn't mean Mahone is taking the visit lightly. It will be his first meeting with Irish coach Brian Kelly, although the two have talked on the phone a few times in recent weeks.

"All coaches say the same thing, but it's who stands out to me more, and Notre does," Mahone said. "The coaches are sincere and real, and I get to meet to coach Kelly face-to-face.

"I talked to him about two weeks ago and then a time before that. I talked to him about three times on phone and he called me earlier this week to make sure I was going to be on the visit. It felt good he took time out of his day to call me."

Mahone is excited to see certain aspects of the program for the first time.

"I am looking forward to the experience of Notre Dame, and the tradition and game day and everything like that," he said, "and a good talk with coaches and some good talks with the players, and get their takes."

Mahone has heard plenty about the Irish losing their first two games, but he is not stressing about it.

"I feel they have two good (efforts), and coach Kelly is doing a good job recruiting in last year's class and in our class," Mahone said. "It's just putting pieces in the puzzle. I'm not going to worry about the first two games."

With Mahone no longer looking at Penn State and not interested in playing defense at Michigan State, it leaves Notre Dame and Pittsburgh as the two schools remaining.

"The only other team I feel I could set an official visit for is Pittsburgh," Mahone said. "I'm actually going to the Notre Dame-Pittsburgh game."

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