Grixby Has Seven Offers

<P>Courtney Grixby hails from Central high school in Omaha, NE. Central has produced many skilled athletes that usually end up at Nebraska. Courtney's brother DeAnte is currently a running back at Nebraska. Will anyone be able to steal Grixby from Nebraska? </P>

Courtney Grixby plays quarterback and cornerback for Central high school. He is 5-10, 165 pounds with 4.4 speed.

Grixby is also being recruited in basketball as well. "I have offers from Nebraska, Iowa, Wyoming, UCLA, Kansas and Iowa State in football. Nebraska and Tennessee Chattanooga have offered me in basketball. I might play both sports in college but I'm not sure on that."

Nebraska, Iowa State, Colorado and Wyoming have called him so far. "Notre Dame stopped by the school but I couldn't talk to them. I know they were there though. Michigan also stopped by."

Grixby is also qualified with a 3.2 as his core GPA and scored an 18 on his ACT.

Grixby said he isn't sure about camp yet. "I am not sure. I might go to Nebraska camp and maybe another camp. I have been to Nebraska many times. My brother likes it a lot there. I like it there too."

So does any school have a chance to lure Grixby away from Nebraska? "Sure, I am interested in anyone right now. I am not going to just go to Nebraska because my brother did. I am wide open right now and I don't have a leader at this point. I'm strongly considering anyone that offers me. I don't know when I will make my decision. It will depend on when it feels right."

Notre Dame does interest Grixby. "Oh yes, I have a lot of interest in Notre Dame. They have a great tradition there. They have good academics there and that is important. The coaching staff did a great job with their team last year."

Comments. Omaha Central produces a lot of skill players. Almost all of them go to Nebraska. Notre Dame will have a hard time getting him out of the state of Nebraska but he does seem interested enough to listen. I think Colorado will play a factor in this race as well. I've seen him play many times and he is very quick. Top Stories